Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Let's get this goodie started riiiiight...

And then we'll get it started rapidamente. I've got multiple sources passing over that L.A. Galaxy star (and winter freebie) Landon Donovan has the Serie A trio of Genoa, Sassulo and Hellas Verona interested in his services to some degree past mere scouting.

And while those three clubs have already made calls, it's the one that might come later that will really have you all buzzing. I've been informed that AC Milan are considering making a summer transfer offer for Donovan if they can get past PSV Eindhoven into the Champions League group stage. It's an exciting contingency, but we'll all have to wait to see how possible it really ends up being.

I'm not sure when a full report will go up, as I am still digging around in several other places.

- Greg Seltzer


bryan579 said...


Jon said...

Stay at LAG for the yet another year, and club which offers no new challenge or anything different than he done for years on end(with all due respect to LA), or, possible UCL soccer for one of the biggest clubs in the world in a country he's never played?

If Landon is looking for a challenge, an adventure and something stimulating, which I think he is, Milan is incredibly interesting if true.

Tony M said...

The question is...would LA/MLS got something for him now or lose him for nothing later?

I can't imagine them selling him in the summer...unless they know for sure he will be gone/

Jon said...

Landon has done enough to LA that IF he wanted to leave now and IF an offer from a club like Milan came in, they should let him go.

Doesn't mean they will, but they should be willing to work with him after all they've done.

TrueCrew said...

Well, I thought he was going to go last time.

Seems like LD posturing for more money. If Clint gets it, why not LD?

I hope he does go. Giggs is 39 and starting for ManU. Moyes is trying to buy Baines and Fellani from Everton. Why not LD as well? He may be on a free. Arsenal needs help. Ditto Pool. Could see a big team in EPL easy. Not City, Chelsea, or Spurs, however.

Gman said...

I love LD, and I am a Galaxy STH. That being said, if he were to leave I would not begrudge him anything. However, leave under the right circumstances for a playing opportunity. Too often, our "Stars" head over to Europe and get relegated to 5 minutes of sub play. Is the challenge making it onto a side like AC Milan. Or is the real challenge making it onto the starting 11? At this stage in LD's career, I would think he's aiming for the latter. At least at Everton, he was getting minutes. Considering the circus that AC Milan runs (Berlusconi, Galliani), I would wait for something better to come along.