Saturday, August 17, 2013

Meeting the Minimum!

If the title was actually a game show, Aron Jóhannsson would be a returning champ. He has scored from close range on five minutes to give AZ an early lead at RKC Waalwijk. He has now scored in all four games they've played this term.

UPDATE: Ya ever notice how, when he scores, it looks so easy and breezy? Like Saturday in the park.

RKC AZ Johannsson von Counterpoint1

- Greg Seltzer


Jacob Klinger said...

The goods:

dikranovich said...

arons goal was pretty nice, but it aint got nothing on the goal juan agudelo scored last night

Jay said...

How does he do it? Maybe it's Mabeline.

John said...

@dikranovich Well at least Aron is a lot more consistent than Juan. Not gonna lie though his half scorpion chip goal was awesome!

i like tuesday said...

Quick mind, quick feet.