Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sounders to unveil Deuce live online?

It would appear so. Visit their live streaming page at 7:15 pm Pacific Time to find out.

- Greg Seltzer


Unknown said...

Im sorry, i still just dont get it

Paul Poenicke said...
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Paul Poenicke said...

I understand your confusion. Despite all the comments made online, even by scribes as wise as Ives, I still am unsure as to exactly why Dempsey comes back to MLS now. Is some kind of loan deal in the works? Does he want an easier schedule to be rested for the World Cup? Were other clubs interested in him and he chose MLS, instead of Seattle winning because of the cash? (Or is it all about the bass?)

I want to hear Deuce explain his reasoning. The player's voice, and not the cacophonous roar of reporters and fans, is necessary to answer the aforementioned questions and many others.

dikranovich said...

paul, good one with the scribes as wise as ives.

its a new day guys. just get with the program, or just pick up a program on your way into the next game.

shoot, the cosmos were on tv tonight, and that's pretty cool.

conor doyle is twenty one, he is American, he has time in England, and now he has a goal and an assist with DCU. this is good for MLS, its good for united and it looks like it is going to be real good for conor doyle.

jared Jeffrey in MLS, its a good thing. come on quarter wits, stop with the nonsense already. admit your wrong, and lets move on.

Tony M said...

That was annoying - NBC Sports CHannel blew it. I waited to see that announcement and instead they miss half of it for a boxing promo.

Unknown said...

I don't think having questions makes anyone less witted. If anything, the opposite.

dikranovich said...

yak, don't you see the irony. these fans that are too good for MLS, American fans im talking about. they don't watch MLS because the quality is not good enough for them. they have to watch bpl, and advertise the freaking bank while doing it. its embarrassing, im sorry.

yet, a real superstar player comes to MLS and ohh, this is no good. what??? there is a serious disconnect here.

Jacob, I think we are working through this though and it is thanks to teams from cities like Harrisburg pa, and Orlando city fla, and seattle Washington. those fans in seattle have craved first division ball for a long time, and now that they have it, they are not going to sit on their hands and bemoan the growth of their team and their league.