Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Italian tabloids are on pace for a broken clock kinda day.

So here's the deal: it's only afternoon and they've gotten one right. As reported by several Italian outlets a few hours ago, I can confirm that Sunderland have made an offer of around €7 million for AS Roma midfielder Michael Bradley. And I can also confirm that Roma had a good, hearty chuckle as they waved bye. I'm trying to find out if the EPL side will return with a new bid. Full MLSS report on the way.

- Greg Seltzer


AWF08 said...

If today's performance is any indication--Sunderland is one of the worst teams in the EPL. They could use MB, but I don't see him making a move to a team that is this bad and skips the midfield completely in their attempts to go forward.
Jozy looked terrible. Of course, his only service came from clearances. Although, he did a sh!* job of holding up play and bringing others into the attack. Today, he ddn't deal well with the stronger, more aggressive defenders than he saw at AZ. He also wasn't helped by the ref, but I don't think he will be until he build a name for himself (if it was RVP--he'd have gotten 5-6 fouls called in his favor in the attacking half).
For all his talk of tactics and togetherness--Di Canio's team looks as lost as any team I've seen this year.
They got bossed by South Hampton and deserved to lose this game.

jaredlaunius said...

Not to quibble on opinions, but I wouldn't say Jozy looked terrible. He didn't do himself many favors today, as his touch seemed to let him more often than we've grown accustomed, but you could probably count on one hand the number of passes played into his feet. Especially after the early goal, Sunderland bunkered and asked Jozy to spend the rest of his afternoon chasing the ball. Giving him a poor review today is like giving a quarterback a poor review when the team's goal is to run it 45 times and play for field position.

Anyway, I'm more interested in this Bradley thing. Greg, any empirical thoughts on whether Roma are willing to part with him for the right price?

Micah said...

Does the fact that Roma gave a price that they would settle for Bradley indicate they are alright with him leaving the club?

AWF08 said...

Maybe "terrible" was a bit strong. But, I wouldn't rate him any where near a 6.5 as Klinger did. Maybe a 5--as in didn't hurt the team, but could have done more.
I agree that the service was poor at best. But, if I'm going to rate a forward favorably, he's going to win at least some of those balls, hold them up, and relieve some of the pressure on his team. Jozy did not win one of those clearances and, often, lost the few balls played into his feet. Therefore, whether they packed it in or not--he wasn't doing that part of his job.
He did run for the team and pressure well, but that's about it.
If today is any indication--Jozy will be asked to play this way a lot. To have the season he wants to have, he'll have to do more.