Wednesday, August 14, 2013

USA 4-3 Bosnia-Herzegovina

Tim Howard, 7 -- The stand-in captain was stranded on all three goals and made a fine save on Edin Visca in the 67th minute from close range. More impressively, he had Haris Medunjanin's 35-yard curler covered in the 73rd minute.

Brad Evans, 5.5 -- His runs into the attack were thought-provoking and kept Bosnia honest, but Evans conceded five of the host's 11 corner kicks. In fairness, most of the Bosnian attacks came down his flank -- with good reason -- and he largely contained them.

Geoff Cameron, 4 -- It is hard to anticipate Eddie Johnson trying and failing to dribble out of the back 25 yards from his own goal, but Cameron's recovery was nowhere near good enough on Edin Dzeko's opener. Vedad Ibisevic may have been slightly offside on the 2-0. That doesn't mean Cameron can allow his man to win a header that close to Howard's goal. Cameron did not look like the more experienced center back Wednesday night.

John Anthony Brooks, 6 -- The debutant left Dzeko way too open in the 90th minute to make for a less easy finish. Beyond that, he was composed, physical, distributed well enough and certainly the better of the two center backs. In some ways, played like a young Oguchi Onyewu, in most, he was better than that.

Fabian Johnson, 6 -- He was the best part of the defense in stretches, but did get caught upfield and faded a little when he was supposed to be there in the second half. That said, the turnovers weren't his fault and Bosnia had no choice but to respect his confidence wherever he got the ball.

Mix Diskerud, 6 -- Diskerud was the most creative player on the field in his 45 minutes while being too easily thrown off the ball at times, too. Got stuck in later on and would've enjoyed the slower pace of the last 30 minutes.

Michael Bradley, 7 -- In a game played in a nonsensical rhythm, his simple square combinations with his fullbacks, fellow midfielders and strikers settled vast portions of the game. His secondary assist on the third goal was almost as classy as Altidore's first-touch assist.

Jermaine Jones, 6.5 -- Did an OK job of restraining himself in a game where he very much needed to and provided the chippier challenges that the game allowed. 

Alejandro Bedoya, 5.5 -- A little too quiet for a player clearly put in a creative role. Otherwise solid.

Eddie Johnson, 5.5 -- He was very much to blame for the opener. That can't happen. His willingness to take players on stretched the field and he finished that glorious setup from Altidore. Still isn't all that great in combination play.

Jozy Altidore, 8 -- Altidore really can't be marked one-on-one. Took the equalizer like a true striker. He again reminded us that he is a first-class forward by silencing the 24,000-plus Bosnians in the stands.
Edgar Castillo, 6.5 -- A pleasant surprise in a physical game. Benefited as much as anyone from the slowing of the game in the second half.

Joe Corona, 6 -- Quiet, but solid in the storming comeback.

Aron Johannsson, 7 -- Nearly ran an 80-yard break all by himself. He showed a determination and raw skill set to match his age and potential while displaying the positioning and work rate of veteran.

Sacha Kljestan, 7 -- Displayed the two-way play and slightly more creative passing that was lacking during Jones' solid performance. His 74th-minute cross-box diagonal set up a tempting chance for Johannsson.

Michael Parkhurst, NR -- Wasn't threatened much and didn't threaten much in his 10 minutes on the field.

Bobby Wood, NR -- Nice to see the 20-year-old get a five-minute cap.

Jurgen Klinsmann, 6 -- Mix could've been played deeper to start. Klinsmann looked smarter as the game wore on, though the team definitely overpressed early. Subs can't be judged too heavily as this was a friendly. Getting Wood, Johannsson and Brooks all on the field in a road win in Sarajevo is an accomplishment that deserves at least a tidy golf clap.

- Jacob Klinger


Tony M said...

I haven't watched yet, but those ratings sound about right..
And yes, that was a joke.

Andy said...

WAY too generous on Jones. He was a turnover machine in the first half.

Desert Rat said...

I have to agree with Andy here. Shortly before he was subbed out, I decided I never want to see Jermaine Jones paired with Bradley again. He was a complete mess. I'd score him a 5 at best.

mark said...

Altidore just went H.A.M
Johannson looks real promising. Cant wait to see him on the field with Alitdore, Dempsey and Donovan

Patrick said...

I don't think the USA has scored a goal in Europe, the past two years, when Fabian wasn't up front until, possibly, the fourth goal yesterday. He just knows how to create space for the forwards.

The Jones grade is a travesty. Maybe he was tasked to do too much, but he was a giveaway machine.

Jacob Klinger said...

Jones got a little too much love from me because he did stay back, but what looked like broken plays on first viewing were actually just bad passes.

In a game like this, I think it has to be Jones or Bradley. Sacha worked well against the tired defense, but I can only wonder how we would've played from the start.

The team needs to find a true in-form destroyer before the World Cup.

And yeah, Jozy is out of control.

Joseph said...

If Johansson is for real, as it appears he is, Klinsmann needs to comp Verbeek some ducats for Brasil. Verbeek is a madman, but it's been a divine madness for our attack of late.

Jacob Klinger said...

I hope you're not forgetting about his time with Michael Bradley at Herenveen.

Joseph said...

@Jacob Klinger How could I have forgotten? There's something about the Verbeek hair (or is it a mane?) that I find fascinating. With that hair and his patented scowl, he reminds me of a later-years Beethoven.

Jacob Klinger said...

I totally see it. But yeah, we should probably send him a prospect every year or so.

Bernardinho said...

I first saw him during AZ highlights and thought Roger Waters had quit music and taken to the pitch.

Jacob Klinger said...

That would be amazing.

dikranovich said...

I think pink Floyd were on the pitch long before they took to the stage

John said...

JK should of gotten a higher grade because his halftime adjustments were excellent.