Monday, August 19, 2013

Video Monday

Who needs work when we've got the tube?

If you still have not seen Juan Agudelo's "Bergkamp-esque" goal against Chicago from Saturday night, give yourself a little slap and have yourself a little seat.

Jimmy Conrad sits down with new Sounders star Clint Dempsey, who explains why he made the shock move home.

The ESPN FC crew discusses how Jozy Altidore may fare in shot two at the Prem.

Oh, it got kinda hectic in the lot over at Arsenal following their season opening 3-1 loss to Brad Guzan and Aston Villa.

Finally, go to 2:02 on this clip to see how Vitória Setúbal keeper Paweł Kieszek takes unsportsmanlike behavior to a whole, new level of whack. Have some self-respect, dude!

- Greg Seltzer


Bernardinho said...

Agudelo demonstrating that most-elusive quality of American strikers - audaciousness!

Micah said...

Any truth to the rumors of Arsenal being interested in signing Aron Johannsson from AZ?? I doubt there is, but they also showed interest before he signed with AZ, so I figured id ask you Greg.

Unknown said...

That fan rant was the most realistic portrayal of my feeling toward Arsenal. Sad to say that my inner monologue when spoken aloud makes me sounds like a complete whackjob.

Jon said...

Greg, what's up with the Landon rumors? Says he has multiple offers overseas and sounds interested in moving on.

Mexico?(hope not)

Matt said...

@Jon: creating leverage for himself is what it is called.

dikranovich said...

Alexander, I was just reading through the archives and I came across your comments from march 22 1255 am.

You got it so wrong. Justin morrow over DMB. Jesus son and I ain't talking about the movie!

Then you talked about coach klinsmann being tactically naive or dare you say strategically negligent.

The most famous comment you made was "I hope that i'm wrong, but"

So I guess now we know your hopes came true. Thank god...

John said...

@dikranovich @Alexander Sassaroli Wow! He sure does look like a genius now.