Thursday, September 26, 2013

And they call him... Lefty.

Those who've read NSC for a long time will know I find it most ideal for one winger to act as more of a set-up guy and for the other to work defenders hard on or off the ball. This concept brings us to left wing...

Fabian Johnson
DaMarcus Beasley
Brek Shea

I'll tell ya right now, I'm not yet married to the notion of FabJo as a surefire starter. He'd also make for one hell of a bench threat and there are other attacking players showing more USMNT consistency at this time. I even briefly considered (gasp!) finally sliding him to left back. It is precisely his ability on the dribble that keeps him as my starter here.

But if he continues to underwhelm on occasion and Klinsi is so kind as to give a certain Mr. Beasley a run-out in his proper position, things could change. Yeah... some folks have been sure I'm hatin' on Da Bease, when I actually consider him nearly neck-and-neck for the top spot here. Shea, on the other hand, is exactly some damn playing time at Stoke away from being able to make the squad. His overt desire to ask questions of any and all defenders means he is a great third option to have.

- Greg Seltzer


Unknown said...

I agree, would love to see Beasley on the wing. But I'm afraid JK is set on keeping Beasley at LB, and I think that will get us into hot water in the WC.

Hoping Shea gets playing time, would love to see him come off the bench and score a few game winning goals in Brazil.

Zach said...

Jurgen seems committed to wings that track back well. I would say Beasley is a better option than Fab in that respect. It all comes down to who plays LB, though.

Greg, how do you feel about Landon on the left?

Jon said...

A Shea loan coming up? I'd hope so. Didn't even make the squad for the CC match yesterday.

There were rumors coming out of Stoke yesterday he might go on a 1 or 2 months loan.

John said...

@Zach: I would like to see Fabian and Landon on the left side next summer in Brazil.

John said...

I know the LW is not Aron's best position but he can and has played there before, I wouldn't mind seeing him get some PT at the left wing for the upcoming last 2 WCQ's. He would be a better option than Shea.

Unknown said...

@John I agree that Johannsson is a better option out there for these qualifiers. He's in form. Shea's not.

But in the medium term, as in the World Cup, I think Shea with playing time makes more sense as a left wing option. It's his natural position and playing him out there brings all that comes with that (width, service, keeping opposing full backs honest, etc.)

John said...

@Jacob I don't think Shea will get PT at Stoke and be good enough to make the WC roster.