Sunday, September 1, 2013

Boyd Trucking (updated)

Ya know who I'd love to see move surprisingly at the last minute? Terrence Boyd, who hit in his return to the Rapid Vienna line-up. They guy is just eatin' it in Austria now, with three goals in just 202 league minutes this season.

UPDATE: As with the Kljestan goal post, I forgot to post this clip with the deadline day transfer watch grabbing my focus. The play starts at the one-minute mark. As for asked questions about the post title, that's just a company I know from my days in Alabama. Like I said, my mind was elsewhere; I just went with the subtle approach because I thought of it first.

- Greg Seltzer


Miguelito B said...

Think he is called in to replace an injured Altidore?

Timmy said...

Greg - are you trying to telegraph something here? Is this foreshadowing? Or is this just a wish?