Monday, September 16, 2013

Let the verbal carnage begin...

I promise this was not held back so late in the day for suspense; the dirty little secret is that USMNT quality advances have made Klinsi's job freakin' hard. Nevertheless, we've arrived at the right back station...

Michael Parkhurst
Timothy Chandler
Brad Evans

This corner of the depth chart could change a lot in the coming months. Steve Cherundolo could get fit and exhibit fresher legs than one would expect to go with his wise brain. Guys like Eric Lichaj and Jonathan Spector could still have a say if selection woes expand (though I'm not sure this position could conjure much more upheaval). Or perhaps the coach could experimentally dip into a decent pool of young MLS right backs. Combined with the uncertainty over on the left side of defense, the choices here are admittedly tenuous.

Now to discuss the three players above, none of whom is currently registering as an ideal pick to start, for various reasons. At the same time, all three are versatile enough to offer some degree of help at left back. Parkhurst gets my nod at this particular time because his club inactivity hasn't seemed to affect his US play much so far. He's also pretty good with the ball and has the most top level experience of those fit/capable at right back. Chandler certainly has it in his locker to claim the spot with a flourish, and his early season Bundesliga form is finally ticking back up, but like so many Nats' wingbacks his back post defending is unnerving to me. Frankly, for now, I'd be happy to see him first go on a good Bundesliga run. Evans has been fairly impressive in a small sample size, but worries me most in pondering the likelihood he can stay solid when a Franck Ribéry-caliber player is relentlessly testing him over the course of one or more games. The other two I could envision pulling off a nice show in a knockout game, while Evans' midfield versatility is practically null-and-void with the now crazy-deep potential depth chart there.

Soooo I guess this is where we get into the argument over how important current form (or recent USMNT appearances, for that matter) should be in selecting squads and line-ups. I think many over-calculate this factor into their formula, often ignoring things such as experience, performance ceiling against top opponents (such as one would find at World Cup) and just good old-fashioned formation fit. It's not always the best 11 available players and it's certainly not the best 11 for form.

And that's all I have to say about that... until the comments section, presumably.

- Greg Seltzer


Alex said...

To be honest, I'm still waiting for Steve Cherundolo to get fit and hoping he can make the most of it from now until next Summer. Until that happens(if it does), I agree Parkhurst is our best option.

Zach said...

If Dolo is fit, it's Dolo. If he's not and Parkhurst gets PT, it's Parkhurst. If he doesn't, might as well see what Sheanon Williams, Steve Beitshour, Deandre Yedlin and Andrew Farrell have to offer

jaredlaunius said...

I don't understand what Eric Lichaj needs to do to get a call. I don't think Klinsmann's ever even given him a cup of coffee. No one's going to argue he's world class, but he has Premiership experience and played well at both right and left back in the 2011 Gold Cup. Given the dearth of options, I can't see why he can't at least get a run out.

dikranovich said...

I gonna say that from the three mentioned, I think if the order were reversed, it would be a little closer to the truth.

But Eric L is bound to come in with some hunger and impress..

Personally, if you don't know already, my pick for the right back spot is Marvell wynne. The hungry beast is the best pure defender of the bunch, and could really dominate the position.

Greg Seltzer said...

Uh huh. As of now, your two picks to fill the right back slot at World Cup are Evans and Wynne. Gotcha.

Unknown said...

I'm not a big fan of this, but if Cameron plays all season at RB in the EPL shouldn't he be included?

Greg Seltzer said...

Some of those you find to be missing today may well appear elsewhere in the formation. :)

UnitedDemon said...

Let me guess, Greg thinks Cameron is a better fit at DM. I'll agree with him if that's the case.

While I'm truly puzzled why Lichaj can't get a look- I have to disagree with Greg about solid fullback options in MLS, fullbacks in MLS are where streamlined roster salaries go, and it shows. Fullbacks in MLS are hard working drones, with no ability to step up into international class. At least at the moment. The last fullback star the league had was Bornstein. JK has been more interested in calling them in than Lichaj, and that's bizarre.

More than anything, though, I'm going to stand up and say that I have no problem with Evans and Beasley starting for the World Cup. What have they done wrong? What's more, what is wrong with the chemistry of the backline? Game in and game out, they've rated positively, and all people can say is, "of course, I'm not comfortable with them for the World Cup." There doesn't seem to be any way for them to prove otherwise. Parkhurst has been a solid stop gap, but won't show much going forward. F. Johnson hasn't played very well at fullback recently, and Timmy Chandler might as well not exist at the moment.

I was skeptical, in fact extremely disdainful, of both Beasley and Evans when the came in, but then they played great, especially after Chandler and F. Johnson didn't cover themselves with glory against Honduras.

Our backline will not have the experience and pedigree as the one which beat Spain in the Confed Cup. The ones who played best for us lately don't play in Europe, and our fullbacks don't play that position with their clubs. I've made peace with that, and hope that their chemistry will see us through. I'm not holding my breath for Dolo.

Jolazo said...

Two weeks ago I would have disagreed, but Parkhurst stepped in and was an immediate improvement over Fabian against Mexico. I don't think I remember a single thing said about him during that whole 45 minutes, which I take as a good thing.

He doesn't get forward like Dolo used to or Chandler and Lichaj do, which is why people will knock him, but he's our most solid RB defensively (and he's actually a RB, which is always a positive.)

Zach said...

United Demon, ever seen any of the young MLS fullbacks I mentioned? I'm guessing not, plenty of attacking verve and skill among that group. Only need one to blossom, and my money is on Yedlin. Just might not be in time for this WC

Devin Mathias said...

I suspect Yedlin is one of those most likely to make his way on to next summer's squad that hasn't played for the USMNT in '13. Does that mean he's the starter? Of course not, though I would hope he could get some looks in the matches between now and Brazil. Something about him is special to me - I see him being able to hold his own much in the way Beasley & Donovan did in '02. My $0.02 that are generally much less valuable than that...

UnitedDemon said...

I was referring to the ones that got called up for the Canada game, the only ones who are really under consideration. I wouldn't mind seeing Yedlin get a call in next cycle, but I've never been blown away by Williams, Beitshour is a king among drones, and Andrew Farrell is a twinkle in an experienced, seasoned footballer's eyes.

We're talking about Brazil. None of the ones you've mentioned should be called in before Lichaj. Beitshour was.

Tony M said...

This list depresses me...

WilkersonMclaser said...

Chandler can stay home.

I'd really like to see Sheanon Williams in a USMNT shirt vs international competition. He's more than defensively solid for the Union (and bonus, filled in capably at CB during Okugo's suspension) and is an especially good wingback option (although the left seems to be our bomber base these days).

Other than that, Parkhurt, Evans, and Cameron as alternate suits me fine. And cut it out with the Lichaj love until he has something resembling a good season to go on. He's been at Forest for all of what, five games, and people are clamoring for him like he's Freddy Adu or something (see what I did there?).

Kirk Diggler said...

Eric Lichaj will fight his way onto the USMNT squad, somehow, someway. He can also play left back just like Chandler has. If he stays healthy (a problem in the past) he will have had over 50 games of competitive play for a Forest team that will make a legit run at promotion to the Premiership.

Brad Evans, like Brad Davis, a nice guy and nice player against CONCACAF competition, will be nowhere near Brasil come next June.

Not surprised you left Geoff Cameron out of your Top 3, seeing how his best position is at CB or CDM. I guess he can play RB at Stoke because their requirements for the job seem to be less.... demanding?

By June, and this is a big if, IF Chandler can regain his form and be a first team selection, he will be No. 1 followed by Lichaj, followed by Parkhurst.

Greg Seltzer said...

@ United Demon:

1 - I've been saying Cameron is best used at DM for years.

2 - Evans and Beasley, who really have very little experience as wingbacks, have been serviceable at best - mostly against CONCACAF opponents, including some games against real minnows.

@ WilkersonMclaser:

1 - You really, really need to get the Chandler derangement syndrome vaccine, buddy. I've never seen a fandom assume as fact their way to sheer hatred for a player in this manner. It's beyond ridiculous at this point. You're all out to sea with this manufactured grudge.

2 - As far as Lichaj, you did not read the whole post, did you?

As for Freddy, let's get totally real: the guy has 17 USMNT caps and could easily have more despite an often spotty club life. Ya know why? Because his ability matches that of players at the top level and because whenever he does get called in, he generally plays quite well.

Folks need to remember. The true bar to meet is NOT just about how well one currently plays in MLS or the Championship or even the Bundesliga. It's also about how much they are capable of, how well they fit into the puzzle. In the end, it's mostly about how well they can and are going to play in a US shirt.

In baseball or hockey, they often talk about guys who are AAA heroes or minor league all-stars that fall short when reaching the pinnacle levels. Some lack a key technical skill or have weakness covered at lower levels. Some underwhelm when the competition gets harder because they don't think the game fast enough. Etc etc.

Long story short, the idea is to assemble the best TEAM. Not the guys who dominate their levels most or even necessarily the best players. We could have 20 world class strikers in our pool and 17 of them would still stay home watching on TV because we also need a some wingbacks. Chandler and Lichaj are viable, if not necessary pieces of the puzzle at this time.

I can promise you there will be 2-3 central midfielders left out that are better and more accomplished than half the squad.

Unknown said...

It is looking increasingly like Cameron will be the starting RB. If that possibility is off the table, all analysis bets are off.

Adrian said...

I think it should be situational. Take Parkhurst, Chandler, and Cherundolo or Lichaj or Yedlin. If Dolo is fit and playing well, he obviously starts. Otherwise, if we're in a game where we expect to be defending all hands on deck, or if we're facing a team with outstanding wingers like Belgium or whoever, Parkhurst starts. If we're playing the minnows of the group and need some goal difference, Chandler starts.

Anonymous said...

From everything I've read, Parkhurst is almost sure to be sold/loaned in January, presumably to a team that will put him on the pitch. So that will solve that issue for him, and he really has looked good for us. I love Dolo, but Jurgen, other than with Stu Holden, is very unsentimental about these things and I wonder if he'll even get a look if/when he comes back healthy.

And I'll add my voice to the "What did Lichaj do to get frozen out like this?" chorus. The English Championship is still a better league than MLS on the whole.

WilkersonMclaser said...

@Greg --

What derangement? Chandler has been mired in the morass of poor form and uncertainty about committing to the USMNT. The former may be improving (though it should take more than a couple of games to verify that), but it's the latter that's particularly concerning.

You know, the whole reason this national team thing is special is because it is supposed to omit that mercenary quality that surrounds club soccer. I understand that nationality can be a plastic concept, but I don't think it's a huge ask to want your national team players to show some actual desire to play for the flag. Is that derangement?

As for Lichaj -- I actually like the guy and I think he makes a lot of sense for the future. I just don't think it's any great mystery as to why he hasn't been called in after showing poorly at Villa and having only a few games under his belt at Forest.

By the way, your spirited defense of Freddy Adu is puzzling. From the very limited sample size that we have of Adu with the Minutemen, he's played well in a few games -- notably the 2011 Gold Cup -- but it's not like he lit up the program. Was he able to contribute? Yes, but not overwhelmingly or consistently. Aside from that, all we have to look on is his club form, which has been a tattered, smoldering mess. I suppose we can keep calling him in anyway over someone who performs more consistency and has more tangible upside.

-D said...

I'm so tired of folks speaking with a sense of authority regarding Chandler's committment to the USMNT. Who the F**K are you!? You don't know anything about the guy.

Chandler's played like crap really going back towards the end of last season. He's starting to pick it up, but the defensive shortcomings referenced are a real hinderance. People should bear in mind that he was mostly an attacking player prior to joining FCN. He switched to RB after landing there. Thus, he's still developing. I think he got away from learning the defensive game and tried to turn into a Lahm clone. It's not been working. He needs to embrace the RB role. You only get to fly up the field when you've got your defensive aspect on lock. I think the tough love the coach gave him earlier this season is the knock on the head he needs.

Just like Stache, I just don't think Lichaj's game meshes well with what JK wants from his fullbacks. Doesn't mean they suck as a player (obviously not), but they don't fit neither. I still think JK should at least call him in, though.

No Cameron at RB. Please no. I'd like to see him with MB in the middle a couple of times over the year. Cameron could be great cover behind JJ or (*gasp*) take that position from him.

Parkhurst has always been a meh player to me. Evans too. I want more from the RB position. If propositioned, though, I'd go with Parkhurst back there. He'll find a way to get the defensive aspect done, but given what JK tries to in involving his fullbacks, I think it'd be trouble.

Greg Seltzer said...

@ Larry: I'm not exactly clear on how you made that determination.

@ Adrian: Yeah... situational until World Cup, when we have a roster limit. :)

@ bellerophon30: Don't fret, Lichaj's name will appear later...

@ WilkersonMclaser said...

1 - Precisely the type of derangement that presumes to know everything in the kid's brain, like all his motives. It's a lot of assuming as nasty fact, which leaves the sufferer speaking about Chandler as if he's some shame to the country. In reality, this really disappointing view of the guy is pure nonsense that nobody seems to want to let go of... ever. It's a bizarre ownership mentality and it's completely fictional, both of which drive me nuts.

2 - Saying Lichaj was "showing poorly" when at Villa is not accurate. And not terribly close, really.

3 - Wait a minute. You just admitted that Adu typically plays well in the US shirt, then you say you want someone with more consistency? Let's face reality: Freddy has played better in a US shirt than a whole lot of people during the last years. And it is precisely because his potential bar stands so much higher than most. Regardless, it's not a defense of Adu, it's an example of why one cannot simply take club form and go, okay there's the team.

@ -D:

Agreed 100% on Chandler and this silly image for many fans. It's tiring.

However, Kljestan's USMNT issue is not that he doesn't mesh, it's that his optimum position is a sardine can. He's not going to displace Bradley and he's not going to displace three of the four guys who take up the attacking spots (Jozy, LD, Deuce). So he gets scrap minutes out wide and looks (as you'd expect) out of position.

Greg Seltzer said...

@ WilkersonMclaser: And by the way, my replies on Chandler don't come off as hostile. I'm saying this all as dryly as I can.

WilkersonMclaser said...

No worries, Greg. I don't mean to come off as reflexively anti-Chandler. But I just think it's safe to say that if Klinsi, of all people, has had questions about Chandler's commitment [], I don't think it's unfair that I might be worried as well. Chandler himself implied that his commitment wasn't always there []. The difference, Greg, is that you say that his "1000%" commitment is enough for you to give him the benefit of the doubt. It's not enough for me. Not yet.

There's a reason why Chandler hasn't been a huge fan favorite while fans are nonetheless high on Fabian Johnson and Terrence Boyd. The latter two have seemed consistently committed to the shirt. That matters.

On Lichaj -- however you cut it, his club form didn't seem to justify USMNT selection. Give him time to solidify his place at Forest before we go all ape about capping him again. I think he's part of the future, but I just cannot understand what makes him such an obvious choice at this point. Let's talk in January.

We are just not going to agree on Adu. I said "he played well in a few games" -- not "all" or even "most" games. It's a very limited sample size that is, even there, inconsistent. In what universe should that justify him for national team selection (aside from using the Bornstein Prerogative)? Actually, let's use that as a counter-example. There should be no doubt that Bornstein contributed to the USMNT on more than several occasions. Maybe even most cases. But does that mean he should be called into the USMNT? With LB being so thin, it actually makes a hell of a lot more sense than calling up Adu when we have a relative surfeit of quality in the midfield.

Greg Seltzer said...

1 - Yeah, Klinsi says a lot of things, some of which are actually relevant. The other day he said he would call the best players for the next qualifiers, then a few seconds later talked about how they would explore the pool. He once talked a bunch of nonsense about Deuce, Jozy and Donovan, too. Don't take everything he says at face value, I think our coach is a bit more Gertjan Verbeek than he likes to let on.

2 - First of all, I said nothing of that sort. Secondly, his "commitment issues" are directly related to struggling for form at his club. I respect him for holding himself out when he knows he's not up to it. That to me is a team player all the way. Meanwhile, a large chunk of our bubble has crafted the nefarious narrative that we see all the time. It's a large gap to reality.

3 - On Lichaj, that's simply untrue, especially if you look at it relative to others called. I will talk more about him as a choice when he appears on the clipboard. Can't give it all away yet.

4 - I never suggested Adu should be called up now. I gave him as an example that proves club form is not the end all, be all of call-up worthiness. You are worthy to be called up when you can come in and contribute to the team on the field. That Adu has often done this while not playing for his club is precisely my point.

UnitedDemon said...

Just to be clear, Greg, I wasn't insulting you about Cameron. I just didn't want to put words in your mouth, and then agree with you, regardless of how strong the hint was.

Greg Seltzer said...

The thought never crossed my mind, no worries.

Jon said...

I would hope Lichaj is called in for the Scotland friendly at the least. At a minimum he deserves a shot at bringing depth to our fullback position and I think it's really hard to argue a mid for Sea in Evans was somehow more deserving at a shot at fullback for the Nats than an actual fullback in Lichaj.

I also tend to wonder why Yedlin isn't mentioned more. I'm not sure if he's ready, but he is the guy who bumped Evans, a NT RB in JK's mind to midfield for his club. If Evans isn't even the best RB for Sea, why not take a look at the RB who's better than him? And I'm arguing to just take a look, I'm not sure Yedlin is ready to contribute at this level.

Greg, at what point do we start worrying about Shea? This is a guy we could really use on the bench. He appears to still be gaining his fitness for Stoke but are you worried he's not even making the bench? Is a loan in order to a Championship or League One side to at least get a run of games?

Greg Seltzer said...

I would not be opposed to seeing Yedlin at some time over the next year. Some guys rise when you give them a higher level, and he has a lot of enticing tools.

As for Shea, check back with me on that when Stoke aren't 2-1-1 in their last four. Maybe a loan could work, but it's too early to start fretting so much over anyone anywhere.

Unknown said...

Greg-It is just that if Cameron ends up the first choice right back (possibly even if Cherundolo recovers completely), the only Parkhurst is a possible survivor. Lichaj, Spector and Chandler are out. Evans might be second or possibly third choice, depending on Cherundolo. If third, Parkhurst is also out. Regardless, Cameron/Evans/Cherundolo is really useful depth.

Greg Seltzer said...

Sorry to say, Larry, but I think you've strung together some incorrect assumptions to arrive at that conclusion. I believe Klinsi will come around to my way by Brazil and Cameron will mostly front the defense in midfield.

AWF08 said...

So many topics I'd like to jump in on, but I'll stick to the RB post topic. To make any real analysis, one has to assume a lot about form, health, club situation, etc.--none of which we'll know until May(ish). But:
1. If Dolo is healthy and on form--I think he goes.
2. If Chandler is healthy and on form, he makes the pre-Cup camp. I think all the mess about his commitment was drummed up by fans during a time when Chandler was 'trying things out' with the US, with Klinsi's knowledge, before he had made any real decision about his commitment to the US or Germany. And, then, snowballed when he missed calls with injury and through his club coach requesting he stay home during int'l breaks.
3. Evans, if healthy, makes the camp based on his contributions during qualifying.
4. Same with Parkhurst.
And, that's it. Realistically, someone has to be injured or completely off form/not playing at club level to make this list (Parkhurst might be the only exception). I really don't see someone new breaking into the top two of this list before the cup. Honestly, the MLS guys don't have time--their season ends soon and won't pick up until just before the cup. How would they beat someone out with little opportunity to show at club level and be fit enough during the offseason? Could it happen? Sure, but it would take one hell of a run of form to do so--and that run would have to start now.
All that said, I don't think Klinsi has shut the door on Lichaj. In fact, I think he's mostly allowed him to stay and fight for time and place at his clubs--as he's done with other players (Bradley early on at Roma, Williams at Reading, Chandler at FCN, Jozy at AZ, etc.). I think Klinsi works quite well with club coaches to understand his players' situations at their clubs. If the coach the coach informs him that the player is in a fight for his spot and shouldn't lose time to international call ups and travel (especially from Europe), Klinsi generally respects that. Unfortunately for Lichaj, this has been his position since Klinsi took over. At AV he was in a dog fight for playing time for two years. Now at Forest, he's establishing himself. Why call him into camps and away from extra club training when he wasn't in consideration to play in any of those games? Was there some missed opportunities in the summer? Possibly, but remember that all players who play in summer tournaments (especially late ones like the Gold Cup) start their preseasons later than those who don't. Which, puts you behind the eight ball compared to those that have been there from the start--not a good spot for a guy fighting for a place. So, I think there have been some circumstances that have contributed to Lichaj not being called in yet--timing, health, club situation. I don't think the door is shut on him--I bet he gets a shot soon (once he's firmly established at Forest).

AWF08 said...

Sorry. To sum up: Assuming everyone is healthy and on form: Dolo goes. The other 4 are fighting to back him up. Which, might not even be a spot on the roster b/c of Cameron's ability to cover multiple positions (whether we like it or not).

Greg Seltzer said...

Regarding Chandler, and I seemingly cannot repeat this fact enough, there was no "decision between the US and Germany" to make. Germany never considered him. Do you have any idea how far down a German depth chart he would be at either right back or right wing? Far enough that the theory he could have been holding out for Germany in even some small way is ludicrous.

Regarding Lichaj, I'll get to discussing him later.

AWF08 said...

Greg, I agree on Chandler--I don't think he had a shot at Germany right away. But, maybe in the future he might and the decision was about US now, or a possible shot at Germany in the future. Didn't know that that wasn't the debate. Sometimes it's hard to know what the real story is when the reports vary from site to site.

Greg Seltzer said...

Nah, a Germany pull was never the issue. He wanted to get his act together at FCN (which I can respect). Plus, he's had some injuries at the wrong time, but ones minor enough that he didn't miss much club time. I can see how it might look, but sheesh.

Greg Seltzer said...

By the way, the "sheesh" was not aimed at you, but at the general noise about Chandler that often crosses the line, seemingly with glee.

Tony M said...

I can't wait for you to do the left side, so I can argue with you about why Yedlin should be on the list....

Greg Seltzer said...

Actually... I considered it. But since it's a "right now" list, I can't do it.

Tony M said...

So we'll argue later. But right now, I'd take him over Beasely. He has the same motor and make up speed, similar (if less cultured) ability to get forward, and he has been improving rapidly. By next summer (admittedly that's not "right now") he could be the guy we need.

John said...

IMO Chandler is our best RB when on form. It looks like he's warming up right now.

Greg Seltzer said...

You could be right on both. I'd definitely say he has the highest ceiling of anyone at the position not named Yedlin.

WonderKin said...

Parkhurst can not do it. He has been embarrassed against real competition.

Lichaj deserves a shot. Still pretty young, 23 is it? upside should still be considered in his evaluation. He scored against Chelsea last year for heavens sake.

I'd like to see the above mentioned MLS guys get a real shot.

Greg Seltzer said...

"Parkhurst can not do it. He has been embarrassed against real competition."

This is extremely false. Ask Chelsea and Juventus about Parkhurst.

WonderKin said...

Talking about Chelsea and Juventus sleep walking through group play in champions league? Augsburg was impressed too... and then he got to Augsburg and they were like "crap!"

Adrian said...

My impression was that Parkhurst was on the bench because Paul Verhaegh plays right back and is also captain of Augsburg - not because Parkhurst's play has been disappointing.

Greg Seltzer said...

@ Wonderkin: Do you have any actual basis for your descriptions of those events? I try to warn folk about assuming as fact when they are miles off the real story.

And I'm still not sure why anyone figures that every team depth chart is solely and religiously ranked by player quality. That's just not the real world. Nor is slashing the guy' achievement while simultaneously trumpeting his struggles. :)

WonderKin said...

The fact that he does not play for his current club does support my opinion. Which is formed largely on the basis of having watched him play.

Are you implying that social factors are coming into play? I believe Augsburg tries to generate revenue by winning games, and that YES the quality of the player does play a huge factor in whether they play or not. Augsburg was also actively trying to to replace players on a team that was in a relegation fight, and he still couldnt take anybodies spot.

ALSO he is constantly looked over by Klinnsman in favor of people that aren't even right backs because he is not good enough. I'm sure he is a wonderful guy, and that his agent, and his mom, and apparently you think that he is better than the guys ahead of him. It seems the people people at Augsburg, and JK seem to disagree with you.

Greg Seltzer said...

The fact that he does not play for his club at the moment does not support your opinions. I'm not even sure how you have convinced yourself they do. You have taken everything to the illogical extreme. If you want to mark against him for things, you can't then erase the things that go in his favor.

And you may as well not erase the fact that he spent much of his first half season with Augsburg battling injuries. This is the kind of stuff that sends your opinion off the rails. Maybe you just don't favor the guy, which is totally fine. But it's not a situational soccer strategy. I mean, to you, Chelsea smacking around FCN 6-1 when they are already set to move on qualifies as "sleepwalking through the group stage" - sorry, no. We don't agree, which is also fine.

WonderKin said...

Yeah a game in which he was playing defense. Pretty sure Chelsea didn't have their first unit out there. Good job Parkhurst you only gave up 6, but hey it was Chelsea's B team. So therefore Parkhurst must be awesome. Yeah that logic is on the rails.

Your saying playing time with his current club doesn't affect his selection? Name one other player who can't get time with his club and is playing for the USMNT. Not only does it matter, it's a deal breaker. Yeah still on the rails.

Greg Seltzer said...


This is all high spin. Frankly, it's weird.

1 - No, he did not just play defense all game. I'll now simply assume you didn't see it.

2 - Pretty sure? Heh, what evidence! :D

Actually, it was: Čech; Ivanović, Cahill, Luiz, Romeu, Ramires, Mata, Moses, Hazard, Torres. Pretty close to it.

3 - What makes you think Parkhurst himself gave up all six goals? Or any, for that matter?

"So therefore Parkhurst must be awesome. Yeah that logic is on the rails."

I'm sorry, aren't you the guy assuming facts that are openly wrong? I mean, c'mon. At least bother to check the interwebs before you hit on someone's logic using complete fabrications that are dead giveaways you didn't watch the game.

"Your saying playing time with his current club doesn't affect his selection?"

That's not what I said. But even if I had, well gosh, he did just play most of the Gold Cup.

"Name one other player who can't get time with his club and is playing for the USMNT. Not only does it matter, it's a deal breaker."

Ha! Where have you been the last (fill in amount of years appropriate to your age and/or length of USMNT fandom) years?

Hmm, which to choose... how about Terrence Boyd? He had exactly zero senior team matches in his career when debuting for Klinsi.

"Yeah still on the rails."

Finally! The first step to solving a problem is admitting it exists.

WonderKin said...

They were cap tying Boyd and then he played good and then he went to Austria in very quick succession.

If Parkhurst is our best option it's better to put Cameron or Evans over there and give somebody else a chance in the mean time.

Greg Seltzer said...

"They were cap tying Boyd and then he played good and then he went to Austria in very quick succession."

He was not cap-tied by the appearance in the friendly at Italy. And what he went on to do was not in issue.

"***If Parkhurst is our best option*** it's better to put Cameron or Evans over there and give somebody else a chance in the mean time."

At this point, you may wish to re-read your own sentence. You don't like Parkhurst, that's very clear. It seems you would be willing play anyone short of Cookie Monster over there instead of him. But do be aware that you're not rating him fairly if a reality twist or ten is necessary to justify it.