Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Payne out(ish) at Toronto FC

The general manager of the only club playing anywhere near as poorly as his old one, D.C. United, was effectively let go today by Toronto FC, per this report.

The decision appears to revolve around dissatisfaction with Kevin Payne's pursuit of signings and the performance of those he secured -- pretty much why any GM gets fired -- in his nine months at the club.

I'm sure we'll hear more in the comings months, though you should note that 1. Tim Leiweke pulled the trigger on this and 2. Payne will stick around in a transitional role for a month before going home to Washington, D.C.

- Jacob Klinger


UnitedDemon said...

We don't want him back.

Signed: DC United fans.

ps. Thanks for Luis Silva. We appreciated that.

Matt said...

In case anyone missed it...

We don't want him back

-DC United fans

p.s. Thanks for giving us Silva for nothing. It verified a lot...

dikranovich said...

kevin payne, you did great during your time with dc united. god speed.