Friday, September 27, 2013

The Cobra Heads

It's time to close up shop on the individual positions. Next week, we'll go over the line-up and name an as-of-now, nine months before the party 23.

Jozy Altidore
Aron Jóhannsson
Eddie Johnson

The top spot is easy, even if some folks are way too uneasy over Altidore's lack of league goals after three  starts. With a few inches here or there and one case of proper luck, he'd have three or four by now. He's the guy, don't worry about it.

The second choice was much harder. I eventually put Jóhannsson in the second slot because of his cool demeanor in attack and technical work. He's also instantly among the pool's top three penalty takers. Don't feel bad for Johnson just yet; with his physical tools and versatility (not to mention Jóhannsson's), the Sounder striker may still make the squad cut over one of the other attacking back-ups. You'll just need to wait and see.

Obviously, this leaves Terrence Boyd ans DJ Cool Herc Gomez on the outs for the moment, but they will surely also be heard from in this fight before Brazil.

- Greg Seltzer


Sanjit said...

Jozy has had three league starts. He wasn't in the eighteen against Palace, and subbed on and got thirty minutes against West Brom.

Greg Seltzer said...

Correct. I have no idea why I typed five, it was late. :D

dikranovich said...





-----------t. howard--------------

andrés said...

OT but Greg, any chance you heard the status on Fab's injury today? Maybe his body just gave up bc he played such a crappy game and it's not serious.

John said...
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John said...

@Dikranovich Is that your preferred lineup for next month? I doubt Lichaj, Goodson, Parkhurst & Cameron start.

dikranovich said...

no john, im just putting gregs lineup up so I can see what it looks like with all of his first picks

Bernardinho said...

Swap Gonzalez and Chandler for Goodson and Parkhurst, should they have earned it by then, and I will be stoked as hell for the Cup.