Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Party List

Last night, the number of teams holding invites to World Cup 2014 doubled to 10, and now includes our own USMNT. Let's take a quick look at the field so far, in order of ticket punch:

Brazil (host)
South Korea
The Netherlands
United States
Costa Rica

Do note there is a fair chance one of those Asian teams ends up in the USMNT's group next summer.

And while we're tracking the invites, let's also note that Bob Bradley has now steered Egypt to the final round of CAF qualifying. The Pharaohs were the only African side to run through the second run a perfect 6-for-6 for wins. They will learn their two-leg playoff match-up in Monday's draw. Here's the recap of Tuesday's victory.

- Greg Seltzer


Jacob Klinger said...

I like the team's chances against Iran and Australia. South Korea would be tough, though they've been floundering a bit.

Japan though, that could be a doozy.

BTM said...

Greg, you don't think CONCACAF and AFC will be placed in the same pot, as has been done in the last two World Cups?

Greg Seltzer said...

Well, BTM, that's still a TBD. If the fourth CONCACAF team beats New Zealand, then yes. Right now, I'm not entirely convinced they will.

couchtoast said...

Considering Egypt's perfect run through the semi final round, seems a bit crappy that they are unseeded for the playoff draw and could very well end up facing Ghana, Ivory Coast, or Nigeria in a home and home for a spot in the World Cup (as opposed to getting to face, for example, Burkina Faso or Ethiopia).

dikranovich said...

couchtoast, im not sure you are right about that. it looks like the five highest ranked group winners are in one pot and the next five make up the other pot, and Egypt currently sit as the fifth highest ranked group winner, with a chance to pass Nigeria after the new rankings come out tomorrow.

besides, the draw is taking place in cairo, so Egypt have that going for them.

Alex said...

Actually Egypt is ranked 8th of the group winners, but new rankings do come out tomorrow.

dikranovich said...

dude, stop it!!! please

dikranovich said...

im sorry, they are 8th

dikranovich said...

Egypt went from tenth in the world two years ago all the way down to 61st today, in spite of a perfect record. that loss to Qatar in a friendly must have really hurt the rankings.

I guess we should be hoping egypt gets drawn against cape verde islands, although Algeria would make it epic

WilkersonMclaser said...

Greg, off topic, but any news on Gooch? I remember you saying something about Brugge not being real, but I've seen a French report linking him to Ligue 2 side Metz. Any truth to that? []

jon said...

Egypt's failure to qualify for the last two AFCON is what doomed their spot in the rankings.