Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What would I go with?

Alright. Selection woes all around. Obviously, the first thing I'm gonna do is slot Eric Lichaj in at left back... erm, wait... never mind.

The long story short explanation? Yes, Guzan may deserve a shot to start, but not today. Dempsey isn't fully fit, so it could be best to concentrate his strength in crunch time. Instead, Bedoya gets his big shot under the striker, where he thrives. Beckerman stays home, Jones is freer to roam and lead Beasley's El Tri experience down the flank all night. As for Johannsson, Mexico likely has next to no idea what to do with him defensively.

: Rising out of my pre-game nap, I forgot Cameron is also out. Urgh. I don't particularly like the interplay up the wing with DMB behind Johnson, maybe it'll be better switched. Castillo is an option, and he did well during Gold Cup, but he can be a little scattered defensively for my nerves' tastes.

- Greg Seltzer


Jeffrey Alexander said...

Cameron out on yellow cards, no?

Greg Seltzer said...

Argh... yes, he is. Just woke up. :/

Now I must do something or other that I don't want to.

dikranovich said...


dikranovich said...

I guess Howard is captain till deuce arrives

BTM said...

Did Greg Seltzer put Fabian Johnson at left back?

I only ask because there are two Johnsons on the team :)

Greg Seltzer said...

Yes, I did, but I'd not be super happy about it. Then again, if it really was me, Lichaj would be in camp. :)

Timmy said...

Johnson at RB. I did not see that one coming.