Saturday, September 14, 2013

You've done it again, Kljouseau. (updated)

Not to step on Jacob's Jozy report, but I have a question. What has two thumbs, a 'stache and is the hottest American playing in Europe right now? It's that guy, Sacha Kljestan. The Anderlecht midfielder met the end of a free kick to bag his fourth in five league games on 18 minutes. It put the hosts up 2-0 on Mechelen and they've now doubled the lead by halftime. This could get positively gruesome after the break.

Clip search activated...

: While we wait for the goal video, do enjoy that Kljouseau was among those featured in Anderlecht's United Nations press row.

UPDATE UPDATE: Here ya go.

Anderlecht 5-0 Mechelen von simaotvgolo14

- Greg Seltzer

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