Friday, October 25, 2013

A Mass Flagging (updated)

Okay, so I keep reading and hearing people discuss the possibility (if not frantically float the wish) of Roma midfielder Michael Bradley going on loan in January. I mean, like, so very much continuous talk for no great reason in particular other than he's at least momentarily out of the line-up (which tends to happen when you're injured for a month and the team wins every game while you're out).

Let me just make this very clear to these chatty folks: Put this idea out of your heads and any reality-based discussions. Seriously, not gonna happen. Offside flags; they're not just for UK tabloids any more.

And people, try to relax and remember that this is exactly the kind of roster push-and-shove battle situation you all dreamed our players could be in not so long ago.

Just relax. He will play this season, and he will play with Roma, and he will be ready to excel in Brazil.

: Kevin Strootman has an ankle knock, so Bradley could start this weekend. I'm told he mostly trained with the first choice midfield today.

- Greg Seltzer

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UnitedDemon said...

I'd be much more worried if Roma didn't also win all their games when he played as well. It's not like he isn't part of the winning formula.