Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dept. of Handling Business (updated)

I've been on the trail of some items recently and it's time to let you in on what I've got. Well... mostly.

  • London calling: I can tell you that Arsenal - current EPL leaders and perpetual worriers about who's in goal - have been scouting Brad Guzan. That's it so far. No contact, no offer, just a-watchin' for now. Be aware, though; they've also been out to see other keepers in recent weeks, including Stoke's Asmir Begovic. Full report coming shortly at MLSS.
  • Speaking of Stoke, UK word came out recently they were looking to loan out both Maurice Edu and Brek Shea, each of whom got a very late start to the campaign due to injury recoveries.

    I'm told Edu has interest, but also that no move is imminent. The same likely goes for Shea, who seems closer to breaking into the selection at this time. It seems he has or recently had a couple of short-term loan suitors among the gaggle of clubs in the middle of the country. I cannot say for sure who those teams are just yet. From the "for what it's worth" file: Derby Country reportedly wanted him not too long ago, while both Blackburn and Bolton scouted him when he was still an FC Dallas player.

    Of course, loan matters could be subject to change for either or both of them if first team playing time remains elusive. It's a World Cup year, baby.

UPDATE: In case you're wondering what the unfiltered, true general sentiment might be to the Guzan goodie in Birmingham, I think this gent 'really tried to capture the spirit of the thing'.

- Greg Seltzer


Tony M said...

Could I finally get a Yank on Arsenal? Can it happen?

Phil McCracken said...

Look at you, Greg. Taking another step closer to Twitter

jon said...

I definitely appreciate the info Greg, but a team "scouting" players in its own league 3 months before the transfer window is open is hardly even scouting, right? (I mean, in the way that it might mean if a team was scouting a player in another country.) Isn't that just paying attention? Especially when GK is the one position where all your worthwhile movements are always captured on camera.

Greg Seltzer said...

I don't follow your logic.

WonderKin said...

@jon: I come to this site specifically because Greg has his ear to the ground on this kind of thing and he keeps me informed. He has a good BS radar and not only does he keep me informed of what is happening, he also keeps me informed of what is NOT happening. If he says something is worth mentioning, then it is probably worth mentioning, even if he can't always reveal to us why.

Tony M said...

jon: "Especially when GK is the one position where all your worthwhile movements are always captured on camera."

Not sure I agree there. Every gk can stop shots. It's what they do as the play is developing, BEFORE the camera gets to them, that often defines success of failure. It's not like you can watch a highlight reel on television and call it scouting. Scouting is watching a guy over time and seeing what he does before he has to act.

Phil McCracken said...

Agree with Tony M.

Started reading The Nowhere Men by Michael Calvin and one of things that the scouts drill into the author is to not watch the ball and solely focus on the player that your scouting. That way you can see all of his movement, anticipation, situational awareness, etc. With a keeper this is hugely important.

Tony M said...

Phil: That's funny. When I coached I seldom knew who on my own team scored. When someone asked me about that, I said "Because where the ball is is the least interesting thing on the field" If we were attacking, I looked at where I defense was...if we were defending, I was watching the offense getting into position.

WonderKin said...

I'm sure they have access to game film... which is not the same as a recorded broadcast and you could see movement off the ball.

They would scout against him for tactical reasons I'm sure, but they could definitely take that to another level if they were considering making an investment.