Thursday, October 17, 2013


I happen to know they have a few of these in the can over at MLSS; issue #1 focuses on Jozy Altidore.

- Greg Seltzer


dikranovich said...

greg, I really find e stewarts comments regarding aron johannsson a little odd. it sounds like he is saying johannsson made the choice only for money and money.

maybe im misreading his comments.

jon said...

I assume you are referencing this quote from Stewart:

"The funny thing is that an international for the U.S. or a South American country often has a higher transfer value than a Scandinavian player."

Not surprisingly, I think you are misreading that. He is talking about the added and perhaps unexpected bonus that Aron's decision has on AZ's fortunes. The crude google translation I read even starts with Earnie rhetorically saying "What are the consequences of choice for AZ?" and then going into the bit about transfer fees and this: “His chances of playing in a World Cup have become larger. This is both good for himself and for AZ. An AZ Alkmaar player in a World Cup is good publicity for the club.”

Again, Steward is largely talking about how this decision will affect AZ.

Unknown said...

Dik, I think Stewart is talking about the positives for AZ not Johansson

dikranovich said...

maybe earnie does not realize that Iceland still have a chance at advancing to the world cup.

earnie also recently said something about aron being cool because he was an Icelander.

jon said...

"He's very cool—I guess all Icelandic players are—and at the same time he has a nose in front of goal."

Ok, so...? You also find this comment odd, or you're just trying to see what sticks now that you're original idea has been so thoroughly rebutted. What else have you got, clown show? I imagine Earnie has said lots of things about Aron over the years, perhaps you can put together a list of all the quotes. Wouldn't that be fascinating?

dikranovich said...

Lower space jon, I would not find the comments at all unusual if they had been made by someone that was not American, and had not represented our national team. As it is, earnie is American and he represented our national team, and his comments are a little odd considering this.

John said...

@dikranovich: He meant cool as a player who is cool in the box. Aron is an American who is proud to be playing for the U.S. MNT, like many of the dual nationals on the team.