Sunday, October 27, 2013

The general has spoken. (updated)

Salutes up as Roma sub Michael Bradley has just given the a 1-0 lead with eight minutes remaining at Udinese. The bald eagle banged one home from outside the area to put the visitors in a pace to set a new record for wins to start the Scudetto chase.

UPDATE: Here's the first look at a clever finish. I will switch out for a version with the live crowd reaction when one surfaces.

- Greg Seltzer


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Greg Seltzer said...

This goal is more proof players don't necessarily always need to hit it full blast.

WonderKin said...

I thought the Sunderland game was a nice statement to the Jozy haters... tirelessly did the dirty work coming back into the midfield to connect, and on defense... About as un-lazy (terrible grammar, yes) as it gets... If the manager would have asked him to stay high, then he would have stayed high. Very mature and professional player.

Good to see Bradley come on and late and make his claim on his starting position and work himself back into game fitness.

Now if we could get Dolo back on the field and complete the trifecta!

jon said...

This isn't the live crowd version, but it's a pretty good radio call:

paul said...

this one:

... is nice; showing more of the buildup.