Monday, October 7, 2013

Who likes goals?

It's high time we get back to this. There were some dandies around the world this weekend...

Let's start with HSV's Rafael van der Vaar-out, man. Do you know how difficult it is to do this?

We always love a good free kick around these parts, but this one from Getafe's Pedro León is, well... something completely different. Go to the 35-second mark to see what I mean.

Getafe 3 Betis 1 von acosart

I think Benfica's Óscar Cardozo is warming up. He's scored in three straight now and the most recent one was naaaasty.

Sticking to our degree of difficulty theme for the week, don't mind Vancouver's Camilo - he's just off for a bike ride in a half-tube. This one was so silly it almost broke the field mic.

Finally, there's short corners we hate and then there's this one getting Van Basten-ed by Elfsborg's Viktor Claesson in Europa League play on Thursday night. So, yeah, if you have a guy who can do that, go on ahead with your bad selves.

- Greg Seltzer

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Jay said...

I, uh, have sort of learned to love the short corner. Sorry. Am I banned?

Also, there's this little tidbit linking Gooch with Valencia. Any word on the big lug?