Monday, October 14, 2013

Who likes goals?

Just because it's an international break, that doesn't mean we stop loving crackers, golazos and whatnot...

In case you missed it, let's start Raul Jimenez building his own bike to fire Mexico past Panama in the nick of time.

Our old friends St. Patrick's clinched the Irish crown on this Greg Bolger net-seeker.

To me, the impressive thing about this blast from D.C. United's Nick Deleon is how nice and easy his "swing" looks for generating that kind of power.

Brazil's Neymar onion bags the South Korea keeper with an unfriendly free kick.

Finally, I think a YouTube comment properly sums up this crazy one-time chip shot from relatively close range by France's Olivier Giroud against Australia. A user named Dusan writes: "If I had scored this at FIFA14, I would say :"So unrealistic shit" :)" - I couldn't agree more. And yet, here we all are...

- Greg Seltzer

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