Saturday, November 2, 2013

I'm calling it. (updated with head hung low)

Jozy Altidore scores today. That is all.

: Wow, Sunderland are ruining my afternoon. By halftime, they'd gone down to nine men on one of the stupidest fouls I've ever seen. Then, they took Altidore and Borini off, leaving the least likely forward to excel in this situation (Fletcher).

- Greg Seltzer


Jolazo said...

But at least Kljestan scored again. He's getting pretty close to breaking Dempsey's tap-in goal record (I don't know if today's was a tap-in).

TrueCrew said...

Of the 3, Fletcher is the best in the air. When you are down to 9, your best chance is on a set piece.

Greg Seltzer said...

Perhaps, but who is going to win one down there? The other two can get loose on the dribble, in quick combos or at the end of long balls.