Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ladies and gentleman, start your World Cup draw simulators...

Pot 1 : Brazil, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Colombia, Belgium, Uruguay, Switzerland

Pot 2: Netherlands, Italy, England, Portugal, Greece, Bosnia, Croatia, Russia

Pot 3: Chile, Ivory Coast, France, Ecuador, Ghana, Algeria, Nigeria, Cameroon

Pot 4: USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Japan, Iran, South Korea, Australia


My best-case scenario? Switzerland, Greece and Algeria.

My worst-case scenario? Probably Argentina, the Netherlands and France.

- Greg Seltzer


Adrian said...

you'd rather have Brazil than Argentina?

Greg Seltzer said...

Let's face it, any one of Spain, Brazil or Argentina would be a groan-inducing draw. But, yeah, if pressed to pick the one I most would fear, right now it would be Argentina.

jon said...

EASY parte dois: England, Algeria, Switzerland, Yanks.

Off topic, but what now for the young Juan?

TrueCrew said...

Greg, agree with your Pots and your best-case/worst-case are pretty close.

Switzerland (obviously)
Algeria (or Cameroon)
Greece (or Bosnia-Herzegovina).

In terms of worst, it would have to be Brazil (or Germany/Spain) much more so than Argentina. At least the local would be behind us against Argentina, and their team isn't as formidable as the others. But Brazil at home would be the worst.

Brazil (Spain, Germany)
France (or Ghana)

UnitedDemon said...

If we draw Ghana, I might shed my sanity. They have our freaking number.

dikranovich said...

It's interesting, but I think France must be drawn into a group with one of the South American teams from pot 1. That's juicy.

Greg Seltzer said...

@ TrueCrew:

We could debate which of the three teams is strongest or weakest overall for eons, but think about specific field match-ups.

Jolazo said...

Here's the simulator if you don't want to get anything done today.

Cam said...
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UnitedDemon said...


I tried the World Cup simulator a few times, and stumbled upon the perfect draw for everyone, the most equitable, reasonable draw, one that any team could hope.

Ours was particularly easy. Aw well.

Cam said...

after like 15 simulations USA got Columbia, Algeria, and Greece in their group. There is hope of a manageable group!

Unknown said...

My first simulation try came up Switzerland, Russia, Ecuador and USA. Oh Please let this be!!

dallen said...

I ran the simulator 30 times.
1 - Very confident we'd win the group.
8 - Reasonably confident we'd get out of the group.
5 - No chance we get through the group.
16 - Varying degrees of maybe to probably not.

It's going to be a crazy World Cup.

UnitedDemon said...

One draw,

I got Beligum, Ghana, and Italy.

And I almost #$%^ myself.

dikranovich said...

i ran the world cup simulator draw in my mind and came up with a group that consist of Colombia, Portugal, and Cameroon.

as I ran the simulator further, the USA made it all the way to the finals and faced a top team from south America in the finals.

don't forget, Fabian Johnson is still our best left back. for some reason, we have gotten away from this.

Jeff B. said...

If you have an Android phone, you can also try a draw simulator app that I built and uploaded to the Google Play store. It can simulate the draw for all of the groups, or just simulate the group of your favorite team. It's nothing fancy, but it's free! You can check it out at

John said...

Both are heavy favorites to win the WC next summer but I would rather see the U.S. get Argentina, because playing Brazil in Brazil just seems almost impossible to even get a draw.