Sunday, November 10, 2013

New math: AJ + AJ = 2

This afternoon at De Kuip, Aron Jóhannsson hit the first and last goals in AZ's 2-2 draw with F-word. The opener came on a fine finish to a fast break and the equalizer was a spot kick near the hour bagged with what the Dutch announcer called "icy calm". Seriously, should this guy automatically be the first penalty option whenever he's on the field for the USMNT?

UPDATE: Today's eagle eye award goes to NSC reader Matt Brock. Apparently, I was too busy tearing into the dark meat half of a post-class roasted chicken and half an avocado.

Aronjo by goalsandmore

Aronjo2 by goalsandmore

- Greg Seltzer


Matt Brock said...

Matt Brock said...

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Dasdude said...

See u at Arsenal buddy

UnitedDemon said...

The hair slicking does nothing to dispell the young Kevin Bacon impression.

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