Friday, November 22, 2013

Update the Clipbaord

I know this is a little late, thanks for waiting. Been crazy with the phones this week. Nevertheless, here is the quick rundown. Those currently in "the 23" carry asterisks, but I expect some changes over the coming months...


Surprise!! Which is precisely the word no one would use here.


Sorry, I am just not convinced Evans can bring up to finals level. Chandler moves up based on warming club form and performance capability ceiling. But, gosh, I'd sure love to see Mayor Stevie get back in the game.

Orozco Fiscal

I'm aware that the coach and many readers may see it otherwise, but this is my list. No change here, Ogunbiyi is on radar.


Can a brother get Tim Ream in camp? Dude's been playing the best soccer of his life for a few months now. Brooks, meanwhile, missed a chance to gain ground on the starter.


Yeah yeah, I don't want to hear it. I am succumbing to A) a numbers reality & B) the thought that Beasley might have now passed over to a defender. He's kinda stopped attacking altogether, so he's still not a starter. I'd like to see Chris Klute in January, please.


Cameron could also be a candidate for time at left back, so the fact that guys like Edu and Williams have dropped out of frame is mildly disconcerting for now. Maybe they can get fit and in form. Maybe Klute can swing by and pick up Kitchen on his way. Either that or it may be time to look up Bryan Gerzicich's number. I came close to listing Dax McCarty here, out of optimal position.


As with the last time, just assume all three of the guys at this position will make the plane.


See above. Bedoya has gained team value by showing that he can also add some decent-level wing play.


I think this is an underrated crop. Just think back at how many US goals, if not also at the bigger ones, that are generated from the right side (Bedoya involvement included). Just imagine if Josh Gatt was healthy...

F. Johnson*

Not much to say except that, on restart prowess alone, Davis remains a threat to go. I promise, it's not a St. Louis thing. Oh crap... now I want an Elvis special from Ted Drewes.


Eddie Johnson was barely in the third spot last time, and now he's barely out of it.

- Greg Seltzer


Tony M said...

A couple years back I would have bet American cash money that Gonzales and Ream would be our starting CB pair. You know what? I think it should be and that it could be. So there.

Everywhere else you and I are in agreement, especially about the fullbacks. Beasley and Evans starting next summer gives me nightmares. And will give others bad memories.

Jolazo said...

I'd rather go 3 at the back before putting Cameron at left back. He's only played there once at Stoke, and it wasn't pretty.

Jolazo said...

I'd like to here the reasoning for Boyd over GAM. Not that I disagree. I think Boyd has the potential to make the biggest individual leap over the next 7 months.

Tom said...

I wonder also if you meant GC for right back rather than left--regardless of dom foot, he has the experience there.

dikranovich said...

When you get right down to it, by this summer, Cameron and Fabian Johnson are going to be our wing backs. Maybe someone else like lichaj steps up at right back,

You have to reason really that if Cameron is not starting at defensive mid for stoke city, then he probably should not be starting there for the men's team. It was after all only panama.

jon said...

I haven't seen much of Boyd (just his USMNT cameos), but I'd be willing to drop GAM just on account of him being an attack killer. While both can finish, I have to assume Boyd is better in the buildup?

Greg, what are your thoughts on the hypothesis floating around that Kljestan and Diskerud are battling for a single seat on the plane? And that's why Klinsi gave them each shots at the others position.

John said...

@Tony M: Ream as a starting CB for the U.S MNT? Are you serious?!? He would probably give me and other people more nightmares than Beasley and Evans starting in the WC. Do you seriously want what happened against Ecuador to happen in the WC next summer? Luckily there are 5 guys ahead of Ream in the CB depth chart.


Greg Seltzer said...

@ John: I don't see how it's fair to judge Ream from 2011. Are we judging Besler, Brooks and Gonzo for how they looked two-and-half-years ago? The reality is he might just be the top form US defender anywhere right now.

@ Jolazo: First of all, why would we suddenly go to a three-man back, changing the entire tactical set-up, over Cameron? Secondly, he played left back nine times for Stoke last season; four wins, four draws, one loss, 14-9 goal differential. Finally, as my main DM starter, he would just be a back-up option at LB (say Lichaj and Chandler are suspended with a tough attacking team up next).

As for Boyd over EJ, it's about filling a role as the third striker. Right now, EJ looks too timid around the ball, which is about the last thing you'd want from the designated emergency goal-getter. If we were talking about the second forward slot, someone who would be more likely needed to start, EJ would be ahead of him.

@ Tom: No, I meant left back, and again I was talking about as a back-up option. We have plenty of guys who can cover right back, left back not so much.

@ dikranovich:

"You have to reason really that if Cameron is not starting at defensive mid for stoke city, then he probably should not be starting there for the men's team."

Why would I have to do that?

@ jon: No, I think both of those players will be chosen by Klinsi in the end.

Anonymous said...

Completely remove Kljestan and Bedoya and no more Eddie Johnson (I realize you didn't have him listed). I would be happy to never see those guys in a US shirt again.

I like Corona a bit (he's better than Bedoya anyway) and add Boyd for sure. I am not convinced that Altidore won't be coming off the bench come the WC. He is quickly spiraling into the funk of all funks (if he isn't already fully in one) and his attitude has been really shitty lately. Sunderland turned out to be a really bad place for him - it's done his head in. I know they are young and unproven but Johannsson is already better technically and Boyd is more naturally aggressive and has a better nose for goal from what I have seen anyway.

I think Davis wouldn't be a bad choice either given that we really need guys who can properly cross the ball.

My opinion and 2c anyway.

WonderKin said...

@futfan: Altidore gets touches Altidore gets goals. Period. How many times do you need to see it? What bad attitude? Give one example of something that indicates a bad attitude. I see a guy working tirelessly off the ball and only getting touches 35 yards from goal with his back to the goal... AND staying very positive.

Anonymous said...

Hey listen, I am an Altidore fan but if I had to make a prediction right now I would say the chances are better that he will be in a bad way, if in no other way than mentally, come WC time.

It's mostly through his body language and his sometimes complaining/whining when he doesn't get any decent service. I have watched nearly every game he's had with Sunderland so far and his attitude from the beginning of the season to now is much different in my estimation. I don't blame him for being frustrated. Sunderland is pathetic and have been pathetic at getting him good service and the Sunderland fans have been really dogging him lately. However, the truth is that he is poor in the air, his first touch has let him down more than a few times and he is just out of sorts generally.

Right now he is a guy that, if you can't play the ball to his feet or hit him with an almost perfect through-ball as he is making a run at goal, he isn't capable of scoring. He's still decent at holding it up and making some decent passes to teammates but he is very frustrated and it is showing and affecting him.

dikranovich said...

I think we are going to have to start thinking about Robbie Findley for a spot. This is an in form player, who has pace and might just have improved his touch.

John said...

@Dikranovich: You are one funny guy haha!

dikranovich said...

John, I'm rooting for Findley. He basically plays the Charlie Davies role. These kind of players really frighten defenses, and even more so, when said player is in form.

Not to mention he is scoring game winners in the playoffs, when it really matters. Even if the fans are missing the games.

I'm rooting for Benny feilhaber also, because there is no player in the pool that offers his passing quality. And if there is, the only exception would be junior.

It's the same guy who has probably paired best with junior over all these years now.

John said...

@Dikranovich: How did Findley playing the Davies role work out in the 2010 WC? Gomez and Buddle should have gotten more PT than him but the past is the past.

Findley and Feilhaber's U.S. MNT days are behind them, which is a good thing because there are now better players than them in the U.S. player pool.

dikranovich said...

John mix disk makes a very nice pass also, but feilhaber is playing in the MLS finals and he was provider on both of skcs goals over the weekend. He is a midfield maestro, who always helps USA play better when he takes the pitch.

As far as Findley goes. He too is in the finals, based on his game winner. His movement is good, all in all his time at Forrest, when healthy, was more positive than negative, by 70 to 30 in my estimation. And he is again proving the spark for his club team. It not like 2010 was some time in yester year.

Aron Joha is a skilled player, but you know against tough defenses, his effectiveness will be limited.

Really, I'm hard pressed to see how kljestan would be called on over feilhaber, but such is the case at the moment. There can't be much doubt though who has been a more effective member of the national team.

John said...

@Dikranovich: Benny has been too inconsistent since moving to MLS, and one good game doesn't really put him back in the U.S. MNT picture. Also the IceMan is easily a huge upgrade over WTFindley. He shouldn't even be in the conversation but you might be trolling haha.

dikranovich said...

Feilhaber in. I don't care if it is one game, or whatever, the guy plays like a man when he puts on the US jersey.

what do you want from feilhaber john, someone who is consistent, or someone who can come in and provide a real spark?

John said...

@Dikranovich: We already have players that can provide a real spark like Johannsson and Diskerud. They can also start and be consistent players.

dikranovich said...

john, please don't forget, at this point, the world cup is a maximum of seven more games.

please consider benny feilhaber, because he has done good for his national team, and he has done so on the largest of stages.

why are we dismissing players who are showing not only good club form, but also that they can help their teams win? these are the players we should be promoting.

if someone said a year ago that EJ was going to come back into the national team and contribute as much as he has, that person very well might have been called a troll and maybe even had their post removed.

one of findley or feilhaber is going to win the MLS silverware, and that is worth something, and lets hope that consideration is given next time there is a call up to the national team.