Saturday, November 30, 2013


Despite the usual protestations of Da Bruce, I have just confirmed that Everton are indeed attempting to swing a third January loan spell for Landon Donovan. What I do not yet know is how far or close they might be at this time, or how likely they are to be eager enough to get it done in the end. After this many go-arounds, none of us should be shocked if it goes either way.

What I do know is that this would definitely count as raised-level World Cup 2014 training in Klinsi's book. And, ahem, in mine. This sort of Toffees arrangement also preceded his 2010 showing in South Africa.

- Greg Seltzer


dikranovich said...

im not sure it is needed now, and it might not even really be a great idea.

Donovan was four years younger when he went to everton and he was coming off several failed bids in Europe, and a lot of what Donovan needed from his first go around with everton was confidence. which he did get and it carried over to the world cup.

its a heavy load, going to Europe on loan, coming back to MLS and then going to brasil , all before this next summer is half over. that's a lot for 30 years+ player. any player really.

would it be horrible watching landon in the EPL again? heck no.

Unknown said...

Donovan's not going to do anything he doesn't want to do and he's outspokenly more in tune with his body and mind than most players.

If he wants to do this, barring injury, I only see it ending well.

dikranovich said...

yak, isn't that injury part the rub?

don't you have an article to write on jozy and his play today? never mind, our male athlete of the year warmed the bench again.

fortunately for jozy, sunderland still was not able to muster much offense, so there is still hope he will get some good minutes in the near future.

UnitedDemon said...

Donovan should absolutely do this. He got a long, long rest before coming back to MLS, at this point, it's more about him keeping the edge honed, that fire kindled. He's hungry for it, which is a good thing. As Greg pointed out, he did this before South Africa. He was in top form in South Africa, and this was one of the reasons- to know he could make a difference at that level greatly increased his confidence.

Jolazo said...

Apparently the Galaxy are blocking any loan move. That's just stupid.

There's also a quote in there that appears to say Robbie Keane will be in the US's January camp, which makes no sense at all.

Greg Seltzer said...

That article looks a simple re-hash of the link I posted.

And yeah, I can only assume that quote has the wrong name in it, not sure why any international player would be found in another countrys camp.