Friday, December 6, 2013

The Pit Stops Through the Tunnel of Doom

Or whatever you want to call this group that forces the United States to travel 8,886 miles in 10 days.

Monday June 16, 2014
Ghana vs. USA
Natal, Brazil; 6 p.m. ET 

Sunday June 22, 2014
USA vs. Portugal
Manaus, Brazil; 3 p.m. ET

Thursday June 26, 2014
USA vs. Germany
Recife, Brazil; Noon ET

Note: The U.S. played in Recife in 1950, losing the final group game to Chile, 5-2. But hey, maybe Germany will have clinched by the last set of games.

- Jacob Klinger


Matt said...

to quote Plato

Fuck it. it's Go Time!

jon said...

8,886 miles in 10 days? What is this, the MLS playoffs?

Unknown said...

Can we ever think glass half full "What if the US has clinched after 2 games?" by beating Ghana and Portugual.

Unknown said...

can someone explain this 9,000 number to me? is that if they go to the final? because it's 2,500 from Natal to Manaus, and another 2,500 from Manaus to Recife. but guess what, Manaus and Recife are about 200 miles apart. so it's like going from boston to denver, and then from denver to NYC. so you set up camp in whatever the Brazilian equivalent of Hartford is and it's really not the end of the world. let's worry about the other 4,000 miles once we get there.

GD said...

The 9000 is because the US training camp is in Sao Paulo, and they will be going back there between each match of the group stage.

Unknown said...

well why in sam hell would they make that decision before they saw where they were playing? i mean i'm guessing every team made that decision before the draw, so it's unfair to single the US out. it just seems asinine to make that decision before the draw in a country the size of Brazil. it's not like the tournament starts next month. for the love of god, the tourney is 7 months away. plenty of time to nail down the logistics.

Bernardinho said...

Klinsi had this to say in an interview months back:

"If you look at the training ground that we put our option down on, FC São Paulo, it’s second to none in Brazil. With hotels, we found a very good hotel, which we will test out now in January [during the U.S. camp]. We also test the training ground.

I’ve been back another two times. Other countries want to buy off our options, but we’re not selling them! I think it’s a very good spot. Obviously we need a base camp hotel. You don’t know until Dec. 6 [the World Cup draw] who you have in your group or where you’re going to play. We can’t wait until that time."

Unknown said...

heck, i say sell and relocate to the north. what difference do world class accommodations make if it makes your travel a nightmare.

Unknown said...

Keeping up with the Joneses I guess.