Thursday, December 5, 2013

World Cup Draw: The Dress Rehearsal

Yep, FIFA ran a staging go-around for tomorrow's draw and here were the test results. Most in our little bubble seem to be fretting a nightmare grouping, but this one looks a tough but quite manageable fight, likely for second place.

Group A: Brazil, France, Italy, Australia

Group B: Uruguay, Nigeria, USA, Croatia

Group C: Argentina, Ghana, Costa Rica, Russia

Group D: Switzerland, Chile, Japan, Greece

Group E: Spain, Ivory Coast, South Korea, England

Group F: Colombia, Cameroon, Honduras, Netherlands

Group G: Germany, Ecuador, Iran, Portugal

Group H: Belgium, Algeria, Mexico, Bosnia

- Greg Seltzer


dikranovich said...

its funny, but Uruguay just nicked costa rica in a playoff four years ago, and they have gone on a serious run since, but you remove one player from their lineup and they all of a sudden become Paraguay, which is not to shabby either.

this hypothetical group B looks like the most equal of the groups, and looks like they would get group A's hypothetical winner and runner up, which would not be to fun either way.

and mexico, man, they looked prime to make a run, hypothetically anyway.

Greg Seltzer said...

If you think Uruguay is only Suarez and a bunch of henchman, you have not been paying attention to this well-rounded group of players the last 6-7 years.

dikranovich said...

I don't think Liverpool are just suarez either. but anyway,

Greece won a European championship less than ten years ago, and they have been at least as consistent in the top 15 as Uruguay, yet they are a consensus pick to be part of a weak group.

greg, who would you rather see the USA face in brasil this summer, belgique or suarez?

dikranovich said...

I just had a vision: spain, Russia, and ecuador

Greg Seltzer said...

I would rather have Belgium instead of URUGUAY any day of the week.

Unknown said...

Looking this over I can only think that this is going to be one hell of a World Cup.

dikranovich said...

Group of death. I love it !!!!

dikranovich said...

And you get out of this group and good things will happen