Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ruh Roh.

This is the kind of thing could definitely turn into a real to-do. Perhaps even a donnybrook.

- Greg Seltzer


WilkersonMclaser said...

This is ridiculous. MLS is OK with big paychecks for the likes of Danny Koevermans and Mista (!) but not Mo Edu?

Now, Philly is definitely over-bidding for a CDM -- far from our most pressing need -- but that should be our right. If MLS blocks it, I'd be furious.

No, Edu is not Michael Bradley, but is he about 1/5 the player and marketability of MB90? Easily, I'd say. This is a guy that is realistically only about a year and a half removed from champions league soccer. If it weren't for Rangers' disintegration, he'd be well-poised for WC roster inclusion.

Greg Seltzer said...

I agree across the board, most fervently for the last bit.

dallen said...

Greg, do you know if this was the league office that shot it down or was it an owner's vote? As I understand it, the owner's all have to be on board with every DP signing as they share the cost beyond the cap hit.

If it was the league owners, I get it. Mo isn't worth a million more than Ozzie Alonso or Kyle Beckerman. If it was the league office, I don't.

WonderKin said...

The league has got it right on this one. Not surprising that Philadelphia is going after another DP fiasco.

Comparatively USMNT D-mid Kyle Beckerman makes 300K and that is up there in the league. Nobody makes over a million in the league unless they have serious international recognition (keene, donovan, martins, dempsey, bradley, DiVaio, etc.) Unless your Koevermans, which was a huge mistake. Can anyone say that he was worth that money?

Maurice is not worth it. Can't get playing time because he lacks real quality. Great athlete. Very good destroyer. OK soccer player.

WilkersonMclaser said...

@Wonderkin: Garbage. Talents aside, Edu has a much stronger USMNT and international pedigree than Beckerman. If Beckerman thinks he can close a deal with RSL to make $1.2m, then he clearly needs to get on the horn with his agent.

"Worth it" is highly, highly subjective in soccer, and especially MLS' single entity-distorted economics. It's clearly "worth it" to the Union FO, who 1) have played with a spectacularly bad midfield for 2 seasons, 2) are close to an uprising among their fans, 3) feeling the pressure with big moves in the Eastern Conference. In Edu you get a proven USMNT player with MLS experience and who likely still has real options abroad (I'm assuming at least France and Turkey).

My personal take is that Philly doesn't need to spend that much for a CDM since our most glaring need is for a CAM. I'd rather we bring in Mix Diskerud for $500k than Edu for $1.2m. But the idea that Edu is somehow exceptionally market distorting is ludicrous on its face.

soccer boy said...

yeah I understand what your saying but the level has all ready been established what top cdm's make. Now if he was to get a raise and be the highest paid "true cdm" it would make sense with how much he's done and how young he still is. But that is too much for right now. If the salery cap was 5 mil it wouldn't be a problem.

heythisisrobbie said...

The MLS is such a confusing tire fire sometimes. It is one of the main reasons I'm not all that interested in following the league.

They have USMNT allocation but certain players are immune?
Certain teams get to make huge marketing and roster moves and the league foots the bill?
The league can reject what specific teams pay for certain players?

It is all incredibly confusing.

WilkersonMclaser said...

@Robbie, I love MLS, but it's hard for me to blame you. Sooner or later the league is going to have to find a way to make things more consistent and/or simple. A nightmare to try to learn all of the rules of MLS palace intrigue only for it to be changed up on a whim.

Greg Seltzer said...

@ dallen:

I have no idea how it went, but it looks a problem either way. If the owners did it, that is overt collusion whether the hit gets spread around or not. If the league did it, well gosh, I do not need to explain why that is a competition problem.

dallen said...

Either way it went down, the next CBA negotiation is going to be wild. I doubt they get through that without work stoppage.

TrueCrew said...

MLS continues to be a joke that makes up the rules as they go along.

Dear Union fans, welcome to the MLS sh!t list, whereas LA, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, TFC, and Montreal can do whatever they want.

I can't stand the Don.

couchtoast said...

dallen, the DP rule operates almost totally opposite to your statement above. The league pays all salaries, including DP salaries up to a certain amount ($350k for DPs over the age of 23). The league money for salaries comes from a pot paid into by all teams. DPs salaries over the threshold amount are paid exclusively by the individual team signing the DP. This is why all of the "big" teams (i.e., rich) use all their DP spots, while the "small" (i.e., cheap) teams do not. If the teams shared the cost over the cap hit for DPs, EVERY team would likely use ALL of its DP spots.

Jay said...

Yeah, what couchtoast said. DP is all about using ownership money, not pool money.

Also, what with Philly just now signing Chaco Maidana (as a DP), has their position or ability to sign Edu changed?

WilkersonMclaser said...

@Jay About Chaco -- probably not. He's been on the radar for awhile.

WonderKin said...

@WilkeronMclaser - you just undermined your entire argument. "I'd rather we bring in Mix Diskerud for $500k than Edu for $1.2m." You just said a 500k attacking Midfielder has more value to you (and to most people) than a DM... and your right.