Sunday, January 19, 2014

Stray Morsels

These are not goodies, because the moves are already done. But every batch of cookies has the scrounging crumbs at the bottom of the batch, which in this metaphor stands for stuff I learn late. We will clean the clutter by adding some interesting post-transfer tidbits from the last several months. I should probably do this more often. It's always nice to fill out the frame.

Let's begin with the oldest morsel and work our way to lovely Utrecht (site of my most recent battle, no less)...

  • Just about every outlet and their mothers were on and on about how Tottenham had first dibs on a Clint Dempsey loan thanks to some clause in the transfer to Seattle. Nope. This never existed. And by the transitive property, Spurs never rejected the chance to bring him back.
  • In addition to Bologna and Hellas Verona, Toronto FC big catch Michael Bradley also turned down a Bundesliga offer in that whirlwind. I think I know who that was, but knowing is better than thinking. There may also have been yet another bidder, so we may revisit this again later.
  • The reason Juan Agudelo is getting set for his first training session in FC Utrecht colors is pretty simple: Michy Batshuayi decided to stay at Standard Liège for now. At one point, it looked for sure like he was heading to Everton, then Benfica complicated matters and it dragged. And dragged. And then... lovely Utrecht.

And now, since Ajax beat PSV 1-0 with a 4:30 start time, I am going to make you watch this while I laugh smugly...

- Greg Seltzer


dikranovich said...

Looks like USA played with some real intensity today against SPFC in a 2-1 win.

There are going to be some surprise inclusions on the men's team this summer. Beckerman would not be much of a surprise, but Dax would, and so would agudelo.

Players that produce this spring, might just find glory this summer in brasil.

And before it is all said and done mix will be a defensive midfielder.

Greg Seltzer said...

Only friggin you would try to take the purest #10 playmaker we have and try to convert him into a defensive friggin midfielder, where we have about 31 friggin flavors of quality, including two guys unlikely to get anywhere near Brazil mentioned in your same friggin post. Only you.

dikranovich said...

Greg, you are a dork, and I've won every debate we have ever had, sans maybe a fish taco debate,