Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Morning Bradley (updated)

It appears that Toronto FC bid agreement has sparked up a scene around our Michael Bradley. Earlier today, various German reports claimed Schalke, Werder Bremen and Wolfsburg have come in to the fight, while PSV Eindhoven have now revealed they are making an attempt to get the US midfielder.

Ordinarily I would guess Bradley would not return to the Eredivisie, but now I suppose anything is possible. Stay tuned everybody...

UPDATE: And now, The Mirror claims Sunderland are coming back for another try at Bradley. This saga just became utterly fascinating. Next thing you know, NBC will be announcing he will join the cast of Community.

UPDATE UPDATE: I can now confirm that Bradley will start against Sampdoria tonight. For the time being, he is also slated to start against Genoa this weekend. It is quite possible those will be his last two Roma matches.

- Greg Seltzer


WilkersonMclaser said...

Schalke! Now you're talking. I have an idea, Jermaine Jones goes to Toronto and Mikey goes take his spot in Germany. Everyone wins!!!1

dikranovich said...

Wilkerson, dude, relax, junior is coming to MLS. that's awesome, and what if junior kicks ass this summer in south America, where many American "fans" have already written off our chances?

John said...

WilkersonMclaser: Mikey would be facing the same situation of not getting enough PT if he had gone to Schalke.