Saturday, January 25, 2014

The other Timmmmay. (updated)

Timothy Chandler has given FCN a 24th minute lead against Hoffenheim. He fored into the top corner from outside the area for his first goal of any kind since September 2012 against Hannover 96 - maybe he should play against US wingbacks every week.

UPDATE: Shazam.

FC Nürnberg 4 - 0 TSG Hoffenheim Bundesliga... door -WorldFootball-

- Greg Seltzer


Unknown said...

I really hope he gets the call up vs Ukraine in March. He's been solid all year, despite his team just now getting their first win. Tons of draws due to a stout defense. I only wish his natural position was LB or CB, since USMNT is deep at RB.

John said...

@justinwkoehn: Since when is the U.S. MNT deep at RB? I really do hope he gets called up in March because him and Cameron are the best RB's in the U.S. MNT pool now.

Unknown said...

You're right, and hopefully Cameron would start at RB. Anyone else on the back line you're confident in? Deep was the wrong word. How about this: "Too bad Timmy plays RB, because there's only one position on the back line where I'd be confident in the starter, and that's Cameron at RB."

dikranovich said...

just in, are you saying you are not confident in besler in the center, or how about Fabian Johnson on the left?

Unknown said...

Absolutely I am not confident in those two going into the world cup.

Greg Seltzer said...

I think with Lichaj at his left, I would feel generally confident in Besler.

dikranovich said...

I can understand being confident in Cameron, and if you were not American, you could point to the fact that Geoff plays in the epl and say this is reason enough to be confident in him over besler.

but having watched both players, it is hard to stomach the idea that one is much better than the other, and it might be that it is besler who is the better player, and the one that will be more influential this summer. time will tell.

of course we have a left back playing in the bundas league, at left back, yet, maybe we just have to shake our collective heads at some commentary, that insist on the contrary.

Greg Seltzer said...

1 - At this point, you may wish to notice Hoffenheim stands dead last in goals conceded in the Bundesliga. So maaaaybe we do not put too much weight on how they choose to defend.

2 - Johnson has played almost as much left wing as he has left back this season, and his game at left back this weekend was the first such occasion since September.

3 - Besler is a better CB than Cameron. I still want Cameron at DM, to be honest.

dikranovich said...

this is not about individual preference, rather, individual confidence.

just in is only confident in Cameron on the back line, and Im taking exception to his thought process.

we can talk it out. hopefully!!!

John said...

@justinwkoehn: I would rather see Chandler start at RB but JK needs to get him out of the doghouse for that to be possible. Also how can you not be confident in F. Johnson? He's really helped the offense a lot when playing at LM, but he might need to go back at LB.

Unknown said...

I like Fabian, and hope his broken hand doesn't hinder his progression before the WC too much (via missed games, Ukraine friendly, etc), but I am not to confident with him on the back line. I think the key vs Ghana is winning the midfield and not giving the ball away cheaply and letting Ghana counter. But when it comes to Portugal, it's all about stopping Ronaldo. That's when I really get worried about our back line. I'd love for Jones to work his way back into the Schalke starting XI when they face Real, so at least one of our players can bring back some learnings on defending that guy.

dikranovich said...

its interesting, and poignant, but a look at the hoffenheim results shows that Johnson started the season at left back, and hoffenheim started the season strong.

johnson gets injured in a 3-3 draw with schalke and comes back playing in the midfield, and hoffenheim is meanwhile trying several different options at left back, and not getting the results.

the winter break, no pun, is a chance for hoffenheim to get right, and they start off with johnson at left back this past weekend, and he picks up, what? a hand injury.

I challenge anyone to look at lineups, and box scores. it lays it all out.

FJ is a left back, and a very good one. when healthy, confidence should be super high in this guy, at left back, with LD in front of him.

any other options, at this point, are going to be lesser options, yet they could still be enough to inspire confidence. aint that something???

Greg Seltzer said...

It lays it out, does it? Then how did you miss the fact that Hoffenheim conceded 14 goals in the five games Johnson started at left back at the start of the season? Then he returned to left back this weekend and they leaked four. In the 12 games someone else has played left back, they have leaked 24 - still crap but also still a whole goal better.

This is not to say Johnson was the sole cause of that extra goal every game... but yeah, I guess they really had it all and threw it away. Or something that fits your chosen/frozen narrative.

dikranovich said...

well, since Johnson only played the first half this past weekend, two of those goals don't count against him, so you can shift that whole goal thing in FJ's favor.

not to mention, they leaked six goals in one game on the road against stuttguart, but did come back the next week with a 2-1 win against monchengladback. its the following week against Wolfsburg, that they moved Johnson up to midfield in a 2-1 loss. then the next two games he is back at left back in a 3-0 win at cotton bus, and 3-3 draw at schalke, where he is injured in the 70 minute, and the troubles really begin for his team.

the results are positive for hoffenheim during the January break, and our boy starts at left back this past weekend, only to suffer another injury, and we are where we are now. will he come back playing left back in the near future, or left mid for hoffenheim? time will tell.

there are the numbers, then, there is inside the numbers.

John said...

@justinwkoehn: So you want FJ to stay at LM right?

Unknown said...

Honestly I don't know where he should play. My main point was that there's only two defenders that I think can do the job on the back line vs. top competition, and they currently play the same position at RB for their clubs.