Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Not they asked, but...

I have been spent several occasions over the last days staring through this year's US National Soccer Hall of Fame ballot. There is no great telling why, as I do not actually have a vote. Nevertheless, I have settled on who I would cast for - it was not easy:

Marco Etcheverry
Kristine Lilly
Shannon MacMillan
Brian McBride
John O'Brien
Cindy Parlow Cone
Steve Ralston
Briana Scurry


Lilly and McBride are no-brainers. It should not take long to get around on Ralston and Scurry, or for that matter (I say) on Johnny O. For once, he should not have to suffer from the injuries. It can be easy to overlook MacMillan and Parlow because of all the greats they played with, but both are deserving in my book. That leaves me with Etcheverry, quite easily the most influential foreign MLS player on the list. I was almost convinced on Twellman, while guys like Henderson, Klein, Lewis and Moreno will also draw much more thought next year.

As for the veterans list, give me Tati, Zungul and Shep. For the builders list, I would probably lean toward Bradley, Contiguglia and Sigi.

- Greg Seltzer


dikranovich said...

El diablo!!!

Matt said...

Greg: can you watch Aguedelo's game live right now in the Netherlands? Would be curious to hear how he looks... Nice that he got the start.