Friday, February 21, 2014

Tickets, please.

It is nearly soccer movie time again, with a pair of previews that could not be more different.

First up in our double feature, we have a documentary about what happened when former too-long-a-list-to-cover Thomas Rongen took over as head coach for one of the true minnows in world soccer. We are talking about a team Antigua would expect to whoop up on, and wow does this look an amazing flick.

And then, for sheer amusement, there is the forthcoming French offering Goal of the Dead - you may not understand the dialogue in the trailer, but the gist should definitely come across. How can this not be awesome?

- Greg Seltzer


tom said...

Don't you think the Next Goal Wins flick seems a little too much like a reality show?

Kurt Austin said...

Had the chance to see Next Goal Wins last night..a very good film that tells the narratives quite well.