Monday, March 31, 2014

Ending the non-existent suspense

Yup. Only one change here, because the far less experienced candidate for the third slot is slumping kinda hard.

Jozy Altidore
Aron Jóhannsson
Eddie Johnson

Tomorrow, we point out the current top 23 and discuss a couple of tactical notes with the line-up/bench.

- Greg Seltzer


Anonymous said...

What about the USMNT's version of T-Bo? Great in a lower league, not cut out for the international game?

Unknown said...

In your assessment, how close is Wondo to EJ?

Anonymous said...

I know it's your list and you are just throwing it out there but...

Not to put too fine a point on it but the continued selection of players like Kljestan and Eddie Johnson makes me want to vomit. And if the are indeed chosen for the WC squad I will seriously question the intelligence of the coaching staff. Neither has any business anywhere near the squad. Neither does Bedoya for that matter.

We had better begin thinking ahead and considering younger players to fill out these '3rd string' roster spots. There is simply zero reason to take any of those marginal players when we could be getting other potential future players some experience.

As for your 3rd striker selection that you would pick but for a "slump" (Boyd I presume?) - are you joking? I am seriously asking because I laughed out loud. Slumping? Er...umm... no striker in the entire world - literally in the ENTIRE WORLD - is in a bigger 'slump' than Altidore. His time at Sunderland has been absolutely catastrophic. Unless he shows pure genius in the tune-up matches between now and the WC, I would seriously question anyone who would pencil him into any starting lineup.

Boyd would go for me almost regardless, unless he has an injury and, right now, Altidore is the 3rd striker.

Greg Seltzer said...

@ Pastrami Dave:

Wondo is not insanely far off EJ, but the EJ has the advantage in physical air ability I would want in the late sub striker. Also not really sure Wondo can translate his success against the highest level.


Okay, I am about to argue with you a lot. A whole lot.

1 - Both Kljestan and EJ are as of now not in my final 23 (coming later today). That being said, both are them are far more prepared for this level of play than most of the players below their place here. His last US outing aside, Kljestan has also done pretty well when played in his actual position for the USMNT, rare as those cases have been. You cannot judge him from being out on the wing in garbage time. For instance, did you know that Kljestan is the all-time American leaders in Champions League/Europa League/UEFA Cup assists?

2 - I have no idea what your problem with Bedoya is.

3 - Third string roster spots are the alternates. As for getting green players experience, that is ohhh just about the last consideration one should have at a World Cup.

4 - Yes, Boyd is in actual slump, missing chances. In the Austrian League. Altidore is in the Premier League. And his slump is much more a matter of never getting chances. As I said when he was not producing goals for the US a couple years ago, he is not the main problem with his so-called slump. As for this no striker in the entire world stuff, think again. Just on his own team, Fletcher has been downright terrible this season, far worse than Altidore, even if he has scored one more goal.

5 - Altidore is the US starter and he should be. Dropping him to third for who? Sorry, but you cannot remove his USMNT play, his experience, his top level capabilities because of the putrid mess that is the Sunderland idea of how to play. His own play has not been anywhere near catastrophic, and he is the only player there that appears to understand attack concepts and teamwork. That team is a joke and Altidore is about 12th on the list of their problems right now, at worst.

Unknown said...

I'd avoid EJ like the plague he is. If AJ or JA got hurt, I'd find someone else to take their spot on the plane.

Greg Seltzer said...

As of now, he is my alternate to the back-up. So if one ahead of him goes down, he would then go to WC, but play very little. As a late strong forward/set piece & cross target, I think he is capable of doing the job.

Perhaps Boyd is also capable, but he is in a bit of a hard luck struggle at the moment. If the deadline to choose was today, I would go with Johnson and his fresher legs.

Timmy said...

I'm with you on Bedoya, Greg. I thoroughly think if he hadn't made that awful Rangers move, he'd be in the starting 11.

I'm really interested to hear who futfan has ahead of Jozy at striker. Aron, I assume. Who else?

dikranovich said...

This new USA away jersey has to be an April fools joke, and it looks like they got Lalas in on it.

Zach said...
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Zach said...

Lalas, and Spike, and Haim (whoever that is). But most importantly, they got Allyson Felix. Wowza.

Full kit looks great, but the shirt on its own doesn't look too hot.

Zach said...

Lalas, and Spike, and Haim (whoever that is). But most importantly, they got Allyson Felix. Wowza.

Full kit looks great, but the shirt on its own doesn't look too hot.

dikranovich said...

For some reason as soon as Gus Johnson said it was 1-1 in the barca game, I knew he was going to confuse Diego costa for Diego, and sure enough if he did, and then wynalda chimes in and all along costa was not even in the game when atletico scored.

J.G. Updike (@FixtureWire) said...

I was really hoping when they said Gus Johnson was calling the game it was one all very elaborate April fools joke by Martin Tyler. Unfortunately, it was not a joke.

John said...

@Erik: It's way too early to say that. Boyd has only gotten 1 start with the senior U.S. MNT and has showed that he can score against better opponents in the Europa League.