Thursday, March 27, 2014


Imagine I am making some sort of intricate hand gesture to denote we have moved to left wing (this skill eludes me). You may have noticed this time I went through the clipboard out of 1-11 order, more closely resembling the one used on a line-up mention. It was purely for the drama of it, and now that you know Green is over thar and not over har, the question begs: who is over har?

Take a wild guess. And then a winder one at the current understudy.

Landon Donovan
Damarcus Beasley
Brek Shea

Yep, I still see value in Da Bease as a winger at this level; more than I see with him as a wingback, I can promise. His bag of skills is perfectly suited for this back-up role. Of course, the same could be said for the younger Shea, but he still seems just shy (or more) of makin' it happen.

As for Donovan, this move (while not my preference) would definitely open up his shot a lot more, especially if Zusi is sending balls in from the right. It also gives me the greatest assurance that the left winger will be helping Johnson defensively, including as a pressure valve passing target. In other words, this may be the least painful position switch I could make on the entire roster.

Added note
: It seems we have some combo of confusion, memory fade and new readers, so let's quickly recap what exactly this is. This is an imaginary depth chart made as if I was the coach (with the understanding that I am not actually witness to training or in charge of who gets run out where during it). This is in no way a prediction of who will end up going or any sort of Klinsi mind-read. It is fully my choices, positionally and tactically, based on what I would choose to be done. At the end, I will name an "as if we had to make the roster today" 23, that like all of these are subject to change until the roster deadline. And it will all make sense. Heh.

- Greg Seltzer


Unknown said...

I'm assuming you're building a 4-2-3-1?


Or maybe a 4-4-1-1? Just tryin to keep up.

Greg Seltzer said...

A 4-3-3, though the 4-2-3-1 is just a wrinkle or two away from that.

Think of the formation used by PSV when Beasley was there...


J.G. Updike (@FixtureWire) said...


We have to run a 4/2/3/1 or a 4/4/2, we don't have the parts to effectively run a 4/3/3 at the highest level.


I don't see how you don't include Green here as his future is at LW/FW. I have no other issues with your depth selections, as they are the only obvious choices.

I ultimately see Shea missing out, because while he is talented, his consistency of performance is not good enough. I have no doubts he would be one of the few players Jurgen could bring who would have real game changing ability off the bench, but the problem is he could also make us much worse. Think of his performances in the Gold Cup against inferior sides, where one game he was amazing and the next it looked like he had never played football before.

Additionally, you could hypothetically run Eddie Johnson in this role, but I think he is an impact sub at forward given that he is speed merchant and good at set pieces.

Again, the theme with Jurgen is utility. He needs players in his squad to effectively do more than their natural position.

Unknown said...

@J.G. - I believe the only real difference between a 4/2/3/1 and a 4/3/3 is an inverted pyramid in the center of the pitch rather than a typical pyramid shape by the midfield. I eluded to a 4/3/3 in the previous topic, although I simplified the positioning rather than show the spacing Greg just did. Also Greg did mention Green in the RW position, the position he normally plays. He's a left-footed player(although reportedly good with both) on the right side.

Unfortunately I think Greg's formation leaves no room for AJ starting,unless he benches Clint or Jozy. We will have to see!

Unknown said...

Note: Greg is showing more of a spine with his DM/8/10 spots than any triangle. Any concerns that this makes us a little too thin?

Greg Seltzer said...

@ JG Updike:

I am not sure how you figure Green's future at all so soon, let alone that it is partially up top. He is a natural winger that enjoyed seven goals in seven games up top against 4th flight German opposition. He has also played both wings to the tune of 8g and 7a in 15gp. In the end, he seems rather slight to play as a striker at higher levels.

@ justin:

Green is pretty much two-footed.

Unknown said...

@Greg - Which is why I said he's good with both. Many outlets report him as left, but I've seen just as many say two-footed.

Time to watch Aron Bacon hopefully slice up the Ajax back line in the Dutch Cup. You better be at the game.

J.G. Updike (@FixtureWire) said...


I put him where the team needs him. That is the entire point of this depth exercise is it not?

While he is technically gifted with both feet and can play both wings. LW/FW is his main position, which is also happens to be one of the main positions where we have the least amount of quality and the most amount of need. For Bayern’s reserves, he has regularly fluidly rotated with Schweinsteiger from the LW into the FW role since they are both technically gifted and two footed.

I take issue with the comment, “he seems rather slight” in that it seems to be a typical response for younger/smaller players. In the end, his frame means little to nothing if he is not going to be used as a target forward.

dikranovich said...

It should be noted that in March of 2002 USA played Mexico in Denver and won 1 nil. They went on and played Mexico again about three months later in juanju, so Korea.

This game next week is all about winning. Green will be a nice second half sub, and will probably share some time with Gil. Gil and green, Green and gil.

Anonymous said...

Gil and Green == Money for the USMNT

dikranovich said...

it just does not make sense that this little boy from arsenal would go and play for Germany, when you hear our germaricans talking so fondly of the bond they have with their us national teamers. we just have to hope his father is not some stubborn head, controlling oz, and that they maintain some sort of residence in the USA.

Unknown said...

He has no claim to dual-citizenship. Even though he's more american than many of the other dual nationals on the USMNT, growing up here, it would be an extremely long process to make him an American citizen so he can file for the switch. I believe it's a matter of national security, and Obama will do the right thing ;)

Unknown said...

What makes some one more american??? These guys fathers put their lives on the line for America, now if you are talking about culturally then yes. These guys didn't go to an american prom. Maybe never played little league or went tricker treating, but that does not make them less American. But in the end it is all about soccer not about where you grew up.

Unknown said...

More "American" as in, grew up here and is culturally assimilated into American society rather than just being born here. It wasn't a comment about the political status of someone. I am glad as hell Aron chose the US. His parents went to the same college as I did, but moved away shortly after he was born. I am a dual citizen, born in Germany to a german mother and an american father. I feel a stronger pull to the US than Germany just because that's where I was brought up. As far as USMNT is concerned, I welcome all the dual citizens who chose to represent the red-white-and blue. I just feel Gedion, growing up here as a stronger bond than some of the dual nationals, but unfortunately doesn't have the same legal status to represent the country.

Unknown said...

Goctha, it's just that I hear so many people hate on the dual nationalist. I don't understand why. American is American, but yes culturally experiences there is a difference. Heck there can be differences from state to state.

paul said...

so... Fabian at right back today? Has that been happening at Hoffenheim these days?

Greg Seltzer said...

Yep, seven games in a row now.

Jon said...

Any news on a possible Shea loan? Does no one in MLS want him on loan or is his agent just that bad?

Greg Seltzer said...

I have heard some chatter of a loan move, but I cannot imagine it would be to MLS or that Stoke would want him there. If it happens, it will almost certainly be to the C'ship.

Jon said...

I thought that window closed. Isn't it also pretty late in the season for a Championship side to take him?

John said...

@justinwkoehn: Green normally plays on the left side or up top, but as greg said he is two-footed and can play on either side of the midfield.