Sunday, March 9, 2014

Soccer, $ and St. Louis

Late last summer, while interning at the Reading Eagle, I began work on a story about a man named Andrew Haines. 

He came to town as a co-owner of the MISL Pennsylvania Roar as well as the St. Louis Ambush but was followed by a legally and financially troubled history of minor league team and league ownership and management – hence the story. Last Sunday, that piece ran.

You should care because he's reportedly starting a USL PRO club with Tony Glavin, who runs and coaches the PDL St. Louis Lions. And, according to The Riverfront Times and MLSS, they want in on MLS.

Now unless you subscribe to the Reading Eagle, you can't read my story. But I've included some excerpts and notes below:

"In Stark County, Ohio, alone, Haines was sued 11 times in five years in regards to tax liens, contract disputes and other allegations, including an eviction notice and a filing for foreign execution on a judgment from a business in his native Lancaster County. Of those 11 suits, four remain open and three ended in default judgments against him. Only three cases list monetary values in their online dockets. The values total $15,273."
- A $435,127 judgment against his American Indoor Football League and his brokering company, Biz Sellers Inc. in Allegheny County Court after a team owner, Robert Boyd filed suit against him.

"The suit alleged breach of contract, fraud and conversion among other allegations, including violation of Ohio and Pennsylvania state business laws. ... According to the suit, Haines also used the team’s name and logo, took over the Ghostriders and their equipment, playing the team against AIFL opponents, all without Boyd’s permission after Boyd bought the team."
- That judgment has not been paid.

- Brian Gratz, the former head coach of the Mid-Atlantic Hockey League's Indiana (Pa.) Ice Miners – Haines owned the league and most of the teams, including Indiana – kept records stating that he and 25 of his players are owed a total of $34,000 in missed paychecks from the club's 2007-08 (only) season.

- Four players from two of Haines' MAHL teams said their team-issued workman's compensation filings came back fradulent, leaving them to foot the bill. Both teams' coaches confirmed as much. 

Haines chose not to comment on his ownership past for the story. MISL senior director Chris Economides did not return any of four messages I left for him.

I'll keep at this.

- Jacob Klinger

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DrewVT6 said...

Chris Economides may have just as many judgements chasing him in Rochester. I highly doubt he's about to say something bad about this guy.