Saturday, April 26, 2014

Being Ger-merican: It's not just a job, it's an adventure.

Yes, the dual citizenship sons of American servicemen are up to four goals and running today, what with Rapid Vienna hitman Terrence Boyd applying the perfect header to finish a corner kick against visiting Red Bull Salzburg in the 15th minute. Not only did the strike tie his overall haul from last year at 17, it was his fifth in the last seven against those other Red Bulls.

: After RBS tied the game midway through the second frame, Boyd struck again six minutes from time to give Rapid the 2-1 victory.


- Greg Seltzer


Paul Poenicke said...

Greg, does this performance, indicative of Boyd's club season, cement Boyd's place in the 25-28 player roster for the pre-World Cup camp at Stanford University? Boyd might not make the flight to Brazil, but his solid season and improving form, among other factors, make for a strong argument to be compared with other forwards (Wondo, Juan, E. Johnson) at the camp.

heythisisrobbie said...

I think Boyd has just as good of a case as Wondo to make the 23. He seems like he'd be a good guy to have around the team as well.

Any word on how Gyau looked today or his future?

Anonymous said...

I said months ago it should be Johannsson and Boyd with Altidore. And it absolutely should be. And, as of right now, Altidore wouldn't be my starter for sure.

Wondo and Johnson and guys like that should not make the trip. I mean, what are we really playing for here? The odds on us getting out of the group are slim. Very slim. And those odds certainly do not get any worse if it is Boyd instead of Wondolowski.

Let's get our younger guys exposed to that experience so that in the coming years we are in a better position as a national team. We have enough veterans to settle the squad down - ones with actual talent (Donovan, Dempsey, Jones). We don't need marginal players like Wondo, Johnson, Bedoya, Kljestan, etc. taking up space on the roster. Guys like Yedlin and certainly Green should be making the trip.

Sure, we should make every effort to perform and get out of the group but that serious effort can be made whilst also planning for the future.

Lastly, I want to know if Boyd is still in a bigger slump than Altidore? hahhahahhahahhaha

It was laughable the first time Greg tried to sell it.. I am just wondering if his Altidore homerism is so all encompassing that he still believes that?

Greg Seltzer said...

Where did I say Boyd was in a bigger scoring slump? I said he is in a considerably easier league with a 2nd place team instead of a relegation fighter. You do realize not all things are equal when comparing the two solely by statistics, right?

Greg Seltzer said...

@ Paul:

I think Boyd was already in camp before yesterday.

Anonymous said...

>Where did I say Boyd was in a bigger scoring slump? I said he is in a considerably easier league with a 2nd place team instead of a relegation fighter. You do realize not all things are equal when comparing the two solely by statistics, right?

You're kidding right? You wrote a lengthy diatribe explaining/defending Altidore's ineptness after you absolutely implied that Boyd was the slumping American and that was your reasoning for leaving Boyd out of one of your striker slots. You did that almost exactly one month ago (a month not months, I was wrong) in response to me pointing out to you that there literally wasn't a striker on the planet who was in a bigger funk than Altidore.

You know, being a loyal homer is ok with me. It's almost admirable in a way but being disingenuous and patronizing in an attempt to deflect from the fact that you might have been mistaken is irritating and insulting.

Yes Greg, there are people out here that know the difference between leagues and actually know a bit about the sport and the athletes too.

Pro-tip: Argue honestly and don't insult your readers when they are correct. It makes for fewer readers and less respect.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for that last bit. I just don't like it when my intelligence is being insulted. I tend to then respond out of anger, which I shouldn't do.

Greg Seltzer said...

Here is exactly what was said verbatim:

You: As for your 3rd striker selection that you would pick but for a "slump" (Boyd I presume?) - are you joking? I am seriously asking because I laughed out loud. Slumping? Er...umm... no striker in the entire world - literally in the ENTIRE WORLD - is in a bigger 'slump' than Altidore.

Me: Yes, Boyd is in actual slump, missing chances. In the Austrian League. Altidore is in the Premier League.

So... you are getting angry and questioning my integrity for no reason whatsoever. You are the one who said something about Altidore being in the bigger slump, and I pointed out that he is playing in a far tougher league, which is correct.

JRue22 said...

Not sure if you've followed Bedoya much in the last month but he looks anything but marginal.

tom said...

The man knows his business in the penalty area, excellent aerial ability.

Sehr gut!

gratefulag said...

Number 3 on my Forward depth chart for Brazil. Behind Johannsson and Altidore, Boyd looks like a viable option.

dikranovich said...

Defense is the name of the game. Look at these teams winning, Real Madrid just blanked the best attack in the world, twice.

Unknown said...

It also helps that Real have one of the best counter-attacks in the world to capitalize on their defensive stands. Chelsea have a good defense, but have to rely on someone to slip in order to get a goal.

dikranovich said...

Just in, it's not like real scored four counter attacking goals yesterday, with their rather small 31 % possession. It's funny that one of the criticisms of our team, usually from our own fans, is not enough possession, and too much reliance on set pieces. Oh well!!!

Today we saw what happens when attacking players don't defend well enough.

What is the strongest left sided combination to deal with Ronaldo? My sense is it might be DMB and zusi, with help from JJ and Besler, and junior roaming.

Cam said...

the thought of DMB dealing with Ronaldo defensively is a scary one

dikranovich said...

DMB brings the kind of experience, and guile that will be needed. Four plus years ago in saprissa is a long long time ago, and I really think zusi is going to really pester cr7 before he even reaches DMB. It's going to be a nice one two punch for the USA.