Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fantastic... just what we needed.

Further intersection between our soccer lives and real world politics, that is. Disgusting, right? So yeah, D.C. United (MLS stadia) fans may wish to check this Steven Goff report on how a mayoral race will affect their outlook for that new stadium they have been talking about since 322 BC.

- Greg Seltzer

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Shraf said...

Given that $150 million of public money is proposed to be spent for the project (along with all of the extra transaction costs required), it would be negligent to not weigh the costs and benefits of the project.

And noting that the literature shows that public financing of stadiums is generally a bad deal for cities, and this is amplified in DC given the terrible state of the DC public schools (as well as other issues), I would say it is not disgusting that this is a political issue. Understanding that these candidates may or may not actually care about weighing the actual economic and social benefits and costs of such a project, it is an important issue that should be talked about in and outside a political arena