Saturday, April 12, 2014


I can confirm that Jozy Altidore is out today with an unspecified knock. However, it is minor and he should be available this coming week.

- Greg Seltzer


Unknown said...

Knock to his confidence?

Greg Seltzer said...

No, some sort of actual training ouch that is not being specified for whatever reason.

Brad said...

Any word on whether or not he would have actually made the 18 had he not been hurt?

And why do we know so little about what's really going on with him the past couple of weeks? He's not said a word publicly and Poyet has only made vague comments. (His most recent regarding Jozy playing in the U-21 match: “But it wasn’t a punishment - there was a reason behind it.")

I know he's played poorly, but so has everyone that's played up top for Sunderland this season (with the exception of Borini, though he struggled in games where he played the lone striker role). Surely he deserves a place on the bench at least, no? It all just seems odd and I'd love to hear what Jozy has to say.

Greg Seltzer said...

1 - No clue if he would have made the 18 or played for the reserves again or sold popcorn in the stands. Rule nothing out over there.

2 - We mostly know so little because EPL teams are severely airtight and the overall situation is extra-tense.

3 - Borini has not played poorly also? You can tell he is a forward playing wing because he loathes to cross or pass in any form really. Either way you feel about that, forward has been the least of their field problems this season. It is very thankless task to play up top for that mess.

Brad said...

If the whole team is a mess (and I think it is), why is Altidore the one being penalized? Scapegoat? Giaccherini seems to be the same boat... and is, oddly enough, the one player who could provide decent service into the box.

Borini has played well when he's out wide (maybe to the detriment of Jozy). Put him up top though and he's worthless. I know player ratings are dubious, but it is worth having a look at Sky Sports' ratings for Sunderland forwards over the course of the season. The comment is almost always a variation of "failed to get involved," "rarely had a touch," or "quiet afternoon."

Greg Seltzer said...

Why Altidore? I have no idea, the team clearly produces more goals and points when he plays than when he does not.

Borini plays okay wide, but he is in it for himself. This is a problem. Besides, the guy has taken twice as many shots as Altidore and has two run of play goals (and only one assist) all season. I do not see how so many people think he has been so much better than Altidore.

Unknown said...

Agree about Borini. I think a lot of people are just looking at the stats and see has scored a few goals. Of the few games I watched, Borini absolutely refuses to pass to Altidore. In particular there was one incident when they were on a two on two break with Altidore in the box and Borini decided to dribble directly in to two defenders instead of pass.