Monday, April 7, 2014


You may have heard that the shoulder knock Julian Green took late in the US friendly draw with Mexico will keep him out for a time. I can tell you he is having his exam right now, so hopefully I will have the details up at MLSS before long.

Green has also become the first American prospect with a video on ScoutNation.

By the way... if Jozy Altidore starts tonight at Spurs, then I will do an NSC LIVE for all those stuck at work during the game.

- Greg Seltzer


dikranovich said...

It kind of funny to think back a little more than a year ago, when some people thought that it was the national team that needed to catch up to the game Jozy was playing.

How far we have come in a year. We could use Jozy this summer, but his form is not going to make or break our national team.

I think Jozy being in poor form is going to motivate others to step up their games, and hope that open competition will drive all parties to do their best.

Greg Seltzer said...

I think it is funny when you try to play historian/situation analyst.

dikranovich said...

Greg, you are hurt for getting it so wrong, but you shouldn't be.

dikranovich said...

Total football is great offense minus the defense, and that's what they play in holland, and of course the fans love it. Many people want it in our country as well. They just don't know what's good for them.

Greg Seltzer said...

"Total football is great offense minus the defense... "

Lemme stop you right there. You should listen to the words in your head before you emit them.

dikranovich said...

Total football invariably ends up losing its shape, and consequently any defense it had.