Wednesday, April 2, 2014

That's what I'm talkin' about.

Money, it's gotta be the shirt. And the Deuce face. And yeah, Haim girls, I see you over there being cute. They should just keeping doing more of these. Any celeb that comes through Chicago for any reason, get 'em over and snapsnap. Bobby Flay. Alison Brie. T.J. Oshie. MasterChef winner Christine Ha. Metallica. I don't care, grab everyone.

What do I mean by everyone?

- Greg Seltzer


Tony M said...

Great idea on the photos.

Great idea on the Gary O clip from Leon: The Professional

But man, do I hate that kit...

DM said...

Agreed. Love to see the pride but that kit's horrendous.

dikranovich said...

It's growing on me quickly. Zach was right, much better with the shorts and the lines on the back of the jersey are pretty tight. Break this shizz out tonight.

Unknown said...

I still like navy > royal blue. I really wish they would have gone with something like this:

Jay said...

Never even heard of most of these folks. What kind of name is "Lalas"?

Kit is... what is that... an upside down that Bomb Pop?

dikranovich said...

Beltran gonzo Besler parkhurst
Beckerman junior
Zusi deuce Davis

dikranovich said...

Mexico in a 5-4-1. That's pretty funny

Kick em in the teeth USA!!

dikranovich said...

I think if you are one of those people that question the tactic of playing narrow, tonight is a good example of what it is all about. Then go watch how narrow Munich play, and I'm not talking about 1860.

Even Twellman got it wrong when he noted that there was tons of space on cherundolo, I mean beltrans side, and no less than two minutes later Beltran is serving up a wonderful cross.

The USA has never looked as fluid and in sync as they do tonight.

Beckerman equal beast, on the plane, and he might just be starting. He looked like an eagle there at the end of the half, stalking his prey.

Jozy, please tell us all you are watching wondo tonight .... And learning something about what the f@&k is expected of your ass.

You know things are good when Besler was the worst player on the pitch in the first half for the USA and the team is winning 2 nil

dikranovich said...

I don't think id play green tonight. in fact, I know I would not.

Unknown said...

@dik - It was a good idea to get him out there. You want him to be able to shake the nerves off and get his first cap. 70 days 'til WC. You gotta know if you can use him or not.

soccer boy said...

Only thing makes these jersey's look good is women who have well endowed chest like sydney!