Sunday, April 6, 2014

Who ya gonna call??? Slumpbusters!!

The good news is Aron Jóhannsson netted his first goal in seven overall games. The bad news is he shot over from a great position to win the game in stoppage time.

Aron Johannsson door goalsandmore

- Greg Seltzer


Jolazo said...

Bedoya got on the score sheet against Monaco for the first time in a while. Nice header.

Good to see Aron and Ale scoring on the same weekend that Deuce gets a hat trick and Mo and Bradley score too.

Unknown said...

Aron had three great chances at the end to take away 2 more points. Yes, he did end his drought, but we need to see his ruthlessness in front of the net return least in time for the WC.

Unknown said...

Hey if some other dude pulls your junk, your excused from hitting a few good chances