Saturday, May 31, 2014

A coupla quick goodies

I can now confirm from both sides of the pond that Hannover 96 are in the race with former loan employers FC Utrecht for free agent Juan Agudelo, as reported in a Germany paper. On a separate note, I will also reveal that Austrian champs Red Bull Salzburg are among the clubs that have been calling up about Terrence Boyd.

You've been good, you earned that extra one.

- Greg Seltzer


Jolazo said...

How would Boyd figure into Salzburg? Alan and Jonathan Soriano are arguably the two best players in the Austrian League. Would one of them be leaving if Boyd joined?

Greg Seltzer said...

You can bet both of those players are getting plenty of calls. However, even if they stay, Ze Ret Bulce do have CL to worry about and I do not think they liked getting ousted badly in qualifying rounds these last two years.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I need to back off my belief in Boyd. When I watch him, with an admittedly American eye that has been heavily influenced by our other major sports, I see a big, strapping, hungry competitor. A kid who can get it done in the air and has a great nose for the goal. Thing is though, he's 23 now and he's still only getting looks from teams like Salzburg?

I consider myself a fairly knowledgeable fan and one who can generally spot talent (most of the time anyway) but if there aren't teams from bigger leagues seriously interested in him by now, then I probably need to temper my expectations. It just seems to me that he has more potential than, say, Altidore and I don't understand why lower table German Bundesliga or Serie A or even EPL teams aren't more interested.

Greg Seltzer said...

I did not say he is only getting looks from Red Bull Salzburg, but I also think you are vastly underestimating how good that team is. They kinda ripped Ajax to shreds and the top teams in the world can very rarely do that.

Back to the central theme, I only mentioned RBS, but there are others checking him out. The thing you need to remember is that he does still have only two years experience in the Austrian Bundesliga/Europa League - right or wrong, that will make some trigger-shy. Besides, 99% of clubs looking for forwards will check out 8-10-12 of them. And then they usually balance it with money spent on needs in other area by working on several scenarios, especially when a possible target is in demand, which tends to drive the price up.

But more potential than Altidore? No, I do not see that. And I also see no need to abandon your hopes for Boyd. Many forwards do peak after 23 or 24.