Monday, May 5, 2014

Q: What About Josh? A: We all do yoga.

Well, I need to type this up for the full report, but quickly:

Yes, I can officially confirm Josh Gatt has a torn ACL again, but that is it. No resulting or related injuries (cartilage, ligaments, etc.) to hamper the process this time. While a return late this season would be possible in the best-case rehab scenario, they are all really pointing him at the next preseason. I also heard some terrific news in the form of comments from the Molde chief doc and you can enjoy those with a smile once I get that article posted.

So... take a cleansing deep breath, let that tension fall into the floor and meet me over at MLSS in a short bit. It looks like it should be okay in the end.

UPDATE: Shazam.

- Greg Seltzer


Unknown said...

Let the tension wash away with Brendan Roger's relaxation CD -‎

Matt said...

What a shame. Poor kid.

He seems, unfortunately, to be a jid whose career is destined be continuously derailed by injury.