Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Brad Friedel Show(s)

Yup, the (for the moment) Tottenham keeper will be a part of BBC's radio team for World Cup. Today, you will simply need to settle for Brad Friedel reading mean Tweets about himself.

- Greg Seltzer


Desert Rat said...

Nice to see Brad has a sense of humor.

I never cease to be amazed at the amazing run of luck the US has had in coming up with some World Class keepers...Friedel, Keller, Howard, and Guzan waiting in the wings.

All these guys and England still can't come up with one.

jon said...

A quote from Hahnemann from his Reading days:

"We have a lot of goalkeepers over here and there are a couple of reasons. We grew up playing basketball, American football and other sports where you need hand-eye co-ordination.

"And people in the States want to be goalies. It is a more respected position there than in a lot of other places in the world. You watch ice hockey in America and as soon as the game is over everyone goes up to congratulate the goalie. Over here it is like 'oh, he's just the goalie, he's not even a proper player'."

Anonymous said...

I wish they would read actual mean tweets like they do on Kimmel, those were tame as they can be, though the Guzan one was pretty hilarious.

jon said...

Soooo, anything big happen today?

Greg Seltzer said...

Yes, I am currently processing it. There is a lot of peculiarity to deal with here.

dikranovich said...

I guess la galaxy fans are happy