Friday, May 30, 2014

The Freebie Tribune

Okay, now do not pass on that I said he signed or that he is definitely the guy, but here's what I got. I have triangulated the situation to the point where it sure seems that Juan Agudelo is the American nearing a deal with Hannover 96 (as hinted last night on Extra Time Radio by Stevie Wonder). The thing is, I do not actually have "the nod" from anywhere yet, a confirm or spilled details to know for sure. As for erstwhile loan employers FC Utrecht, I was told by a few birdies last week that they were already getting priced out of the race.

Meanwhile, fellow US forward/hot transfer target Terrence Boyd has made the Austrian Bundesliga B-Team, as named by a leading domestic outlet.

- Greg Seltzer


Anonymous said...

Boyd is a hot transfer target in what sense? Or rather at what level? Do you know who is after him? Any particular rumors?

Unknown said...

So he's viewed as the 3rd best striker in a league possibly sub-MLS. Does he even have a shot at a French, Portuguese or Italian club?

Greg Seltzer said...

@ futfan:

1 - In the sense that there are a bunch of teams calling after him.

2 - Not quite sure yet, at least not confirmed.

3 - Yes and no.

4 - I do not do rumors. But I will have a report when I can.

@ justin:

That does not mean he is third best, it just means he had the third best season. A shot at those leagues? I would not think so, but then again I do not know ever club calling about him yet.

RobUsry said...

This would be great for Juan. Bundesliga is such a good league. It needs to become the new Premiership in terms of Americans striving to get there.

I think the Bundesliga is open and attacking and will fit Juan perfectly.