Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Stu Revue!

Coming to a stadium near you (or perhaps someone somewhere else)?

- Greg Seltzer


Unknown said...

Go Stu!

What I want to know is...who is this person on the USWNT that he trained with that Freedman mentions in this story?

jon said...

My guess is that "he’s training with a girl who’s part of the national team" means a trainer affiliated with the USMNT.

But to explore your alternative...he's in Houston and he's already working out (as the instagram video shows). The only USWNT player on the Dash is both healthy and not even part of the team yet because she (Engen) is in season in Sweden. A notable USWNT player with a tenuous connection to Houston, Alex Morgan, is recovering from an injury but by all accounts she's been in Portland and even traveling with the Thorns to away games.

Jay said...

Like all good and just citizens, Stu prefers the centennial crest.

Jeffrey Alexander said...

All World Rehab Team 3x

dikranovich said...

With all due respect, I'd say Holden much prefers his situation to that of his midfield partner at Bolton, fabrice muamba.

I swear if you zoom in close on the right knee it looks like the face of the Incredible Hulk