Saturday, June 14, 2014

Costa Rica 3 Uruguay 1

Another CONCACAF team, another headline performance in a big upset of the 2010 semifinalists. And it was another rally job, too, taking longer to form than the Dutch fightback last night. As for Uruguay, they only bothered to fire two non-PK shots with Luis the Artistically Productive Biter on the bench. The Ticos pulled off their most impressive World Cup win since a 1990 defeat of Sweden got them out of group play. Note to those who (yawn) prattle on about 0-0 ties, there has yet to be a single draw and all but two of the losing teams scored.

NSC Man of the Match: Joel Campbell

- Greg Seltzer

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dikranovich said...

I think they said today that Uruguay is the country with the smallest population to have won a World Cup, and here come the little ticos.

When it comes to the naysayers, it really is CONCACAF v the rest of the world.

Surely France should handle Honduras, but god I hope el catcheros thrash the frogs.