Monday, June 23, 2014

Deep down, you all knew this was coming.

Bob Bradley is no dummy; Freddy Adu has started a two-week trial with Stabæk. A full MLSS report is on the way, but one thing that will not be in there is that I also have unconfirmed word of some interest in the free agent from Switzerland. I think I know the team, too, but will keep that close to vest until I can make sure of it.

- Greg Seltzer


Soccertes said...
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WilkersonMclaser said...


Unknown said...

He's still young enough to get back on the right track. Hope it works out for him.

Chevis Ryder said...

If you're not rooting for him, you're not a US fan.

Zach said...

Understand why you have to post about this, Greg, but Adu brings out the worst in our fanbase, like that ridiculous comment above this.

Why would any US fan care? The player himself doesn't, as evidenced by his last 6 years cashing paychecks without producing a damn thing.

I moved on years ago, everyone else should too. We have plenty of young, talented players who deserve our support.

Tony M said...

Adu needed to do more, be tougher and mature. He is the reason he has not been successful.

Yet there are other considerations. He is an example of much that was wrong with youth development here, in that he was able to go whereever he would be treated like a star. (I'm not even talking about the professional level yet.) I think today, just a few short years later, he would have faced stiffer compitition and greater demands every step of the way from clubs and the US program. He would have either toughened up or washed out sooner. To an extent, he was the victim of poor timing and overamped expectations. I do root for him to turn it around for his own sake, not the US Soccer's.