Wednesday, June 25, 2014

George Vecsey on how to fix FIFA, Klinsmann's USMNT legacy, "Eight World Cups" and more

He also likened Jermaine Jones' goal against Portugal to something Lothar Matthäus would've produced. Regardless, he stayed on digital recorded air with me for 26-plus minutes and the man is a goldmine of insight and perspective, including on where this World Cup falls historically.

This is the first World Cup not being covered by Vecsey in 32 years and the whole way he experiences soccer Stateside is utterly changed.

If your ears are really thirsty, you can listen to me and friends preview US-Germany.

But seriously, George Vecsey. Later, he expanded on his thoughts about FIFA corruption and Klinsmann-Donovan in a bookstore. And it was awesome.

- Jacob Klinger


dikranovich said...

Jacob, isn't it all sort of coming full circle, right here at this moment, such a pivotal moment in our soccer history? At least until the next one.

Mr Vecsey is a nice writer, and I can appreciate his omnipresence on the World Cup scene since 82, because I was in Livorno that summer and was just old enough to understand.

I'm not thrilled with the way he speaks about all this they know that I know stuff kind of speak, certainly not when one of the pillars of change is transparency. That seems a little weird.

I think we might actually have a better chance of winning the group, needing a win to do so, as opposed to already being through, and even needing only a draw to win the group. We of course, also have the Spector of not qualifying under current circumstances. It's nice that both Portugal and Ghana still have a chance, as opposed to one defiantly being out, that plays into our favor.

Isn't mix the answer to the Donovan question? Or maybe someone else, as yet to be scene.

dikranovich said...

Oh, but there is another thing. F'ing a we want 2022, that is for sure. If Australia won a revote good for them, but USA will gladly take a free pass into a World Cup, plus whatever spoils that come with it, which look to be on the increase. You know Russia is already looking for ways to milk it in four years.

You show the rest of the world a great World Cup, and you get respect, and that is geo political gold.

Jacob Klinger said...

Well, he's a semi-retired columnist. He can't just out private conversations. It's a respect thing, while also trying to inform people. That's just where he chose to draw the line between the two inclinations and I think it makes good sense.

Mix plays so little like Donovan that, no, I really don't think so. I don't think any combination of Donovan's talents exists in any one player on this roster, which is why I and other were so puzzled.

Re: 2022
That's a bit narrow to me. The concerns about the message it would send to the world aren't just political. They have potential real-world implications and I think we all know that.

Besides, most of the people in the world won't be at the 2022 World Cup. So I'm not sure how widely whatever geo-political gold a good one in the U.S. would get distributed.

dikranovich said...

Enjoy the game today Jacob.

dikranovich said...

Jacob, I responding to the Donovan point. It was about getting a goal when needed. It's not about who plays like him, dang son. You know very well US fans don't think mix is a like for like switch. It almost sounds disingenuous of you to make that point.

Here is the question, could Donovan have sat on the USA bench for three games and not played in the group stages, and then been unleashed in the knockout stages? That is the chemistry that the coach was talking about. Vecsey explained the Donovan situation very well and his insight should help the naysayers get on board.

Look Jacob and mr vecsey, you too. We were not given a fair chance to host in 2022 by virtue of collusion and payments behind the scene. We should not just put up our hands and say ok, let's not throw our hat back into the process again. It's not American.

USA can play this close to the vest, and if we do get a chance to host, we will all be big winners, and so will the rest of the world. USA provides most nations in the world with a good chance to have fans representing their team! and that is an undeniable fact. Come Jacob and enjoy the fun.